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    Cancer Treatment Is All About
    Personalized Medicine
    OncoDNA has been founded by a team with over 60 years’ expertise in medical diagnostics and patients’ care.
    Today, by combining latest sequencing and pathology technologies with clinical knowledge, OncoDNA perpetuates this tradition of excellence in the field of cancer theranostics.
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    The Cancer Network
    Browse the last report, discuss the case directly in the App, share experience with experts, match similar patient profiles and compare cases’ outcomes: Our web platform connects Oncologists and the cancer community around the world.
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    OncoDEEP: Treatment options based
    on the most comprehensive tumor
    characterization on the market
    Our uniqueness relies on a combination between NGS and molecular pathology analyses of the tumor, we have developed the only solution which is able to test methylations, CNVs, SNVs, translocations, amplifications and deletions. OncoDEEP is the only service that is able to propose chemotherapies, targeted therapies and treatments under development.
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    OncoTRACE: the only personalized
    monitoring solution
    based on liquid biopsy
    OncoTRACE is our individualized approach for a sensitive biomarker monitoring of a patient’s cancer using liquid biopsy (a simple blood sample). It also gives early response indicators after treatment choice by measuring ctDNA load and tracking actionable variants and variants related to treatment resistance in the blood stream.

Our Vision

Efficient cancer treatment requires close monitoring of the disease and a thorough understanding of its mechanisms of mutation.
Through personalized medicine, we offer a new and efficient way to fight against cancer.

Deep understanding

“Know your enemy” wrote Sun Tzu in The Art of War. Questioning a patient’s cancer history, deeply analyzing cancer genes, looking at protein effectors and at any validated biomarkers - that’s the way we've chosen to get to know cancer better, and to provide patients with the most personalized and efficient weapon to fight off the disease.


I n response to a new treatment, cancer will fight, change, adapt, move, escape, … Closely tracking these changes is a key factor in winning the battle against the disease. We have developed a monitoring method which can work with a simple blood sample, without reinforcing the disease or weakening the patient, and which can provide new diagnostic clues and treatment options.

Moniroting Cancer
Research and Development

O Our platform Knowledge Management ( KDO ) is constantly growing by the daily addition of new data analyzed and processed in-house.

We also collaborate with cancer research centers to further advance the knowledge of cancer and its mechanisms.

Research and development

What We Do

How We Do It

Meet Our Team

OncoDNA is primarily a complementary, multidisciplinary team, 100% dedicated to the improvement of cancer treatment.
Meet some of our collaborators.


We don't just provide one of the best cancer theranostic solutions. At OncoDNA, we also focus our attention on the patient. We have therefore put in place operations to speed up the whole process and developed creative solutions to improve access to information.

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