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See how OncoTRACE helped Dancho in the treatment of his Non Small Cell Lung Cancer.

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OncoTRACE Solution

OncoTRACE is a test based on circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in liquid biopsies (mainly blood). It is used to monitor the evolution of the tumour (the burden of the disease) and to detect non response or resistance to treatment as soon as it appears. This assay is customized for each patient, containing personal variants identified in a previous genomic analysis and cancer-specific markers.


Since 2013 OncoDNA is the first company to personalize a specific OncoTRACE assay for every patient (a recent publication in 2017 in Nature demonstrates the efficacy of such approach).

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The assay is customized for each patient, by selecting first a set of patient-specific variants, identified in the tumour by a previous genetic test (like our OncoSTRAT&GO solution but also tests like FoundationOne® from Foundation Medicine, CGP+ from Caris Molecular Intelligence or Guardant360 from Guardant Health). This first set of markers is then associated with a second panel of specific variants, often associated with resistance or sensitivity to targeted therapies, then with a third set of markers found frequently in the early development of the tumour. 3 levels of personalization, one powerful monitoring tool.


A personalized and unique panel is manufactured for each patient, which can then be used repeatedly on any liquid biopsy sample (mainly blood).  This minimally invasive technique enables for the first time the oncologist to follow very specifically the treatment response, to detect relapse earlier than routine imaging technologies and to identify new targets when the cancer grows resistant to the current therapy.

How much does OncoTRACE cost?

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1490 Eur

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For more info or to order this product in your region, please contact our local representative.

Reimbursement statement

Currently our tests are reimbursed in a growing number of countries. In the United Kingdom, OncoSTRAT&GO is reimbursed for patients insured by BUPA Global Insurance, using code 7331B. Other countries, like Spain, Chili, South Africa or Poland, are also covering totally or partially the cost of our tests. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

How to get OncoTRACE?

Ordering a solution is very simple: just log into OncoSHARE, select your solution(s) and pay. If you don’t have a kit, we’ll send you one.

The case report

Alicia, 49 years old when diagnosed

Was given the OncoDEEP solution following a stage 3 lung cancer.

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