The First Cancer-Specific Liquid Biopsy

OncoSELECT is a fast, minimally invasive analysis of circulating tumour DNA from a blood sample for lung (NSCLC), colon, breast (ER+ or HER2+) and prostate cancer patients. OncoSELECT is the perfect diagnostic tool to:

  • Identify therapeutic solutions for cancer patients not able to get their tumor biopsied
  • Monitor the evolution of lung, colorectal, prostate and breast cancers
  • Detect treatment resistance as soon as it appears

Why OncoSELECT is unique?

Delivery Time : 7 working days

OncoSELECT is unique because it is focusing only on the targets that matters specifically for each cancer type, while directing the analysis on the essentials markers for treatment response or resistance.

Currently OncoDNA is offering 4 versions of OncoSELECT for:

  1. Lung cancer patients (NSCLC)
  2. Colorectal cancer patients (CRC)
  3. Breast cancer patients (HR hormone-positive or HER2+ breast cancer types)
  4. Prostate cancer patients


  1. Blood collection and shipping to OncoDNA (material and DHL airway bill provided by us)
  2. Reception and QC check of the sample. Assessment of cancer type and target selection
  3. Analysis of the sample and creation of the report
  4. After 7 days, the integrative and comprehensive report is ready to be shared with you

When to perform OncoSELECT?

According to a recent change in FDA guidelines, liquid biopsy is now approved as the first diagnostic tool for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer patients. OncoSELECT is the perfect test to make a first screening of the most relevant genes related to treatments. For monitoring purposes, OncoSELECT should ideally be performed in the middle of the treatment and 2 weeks after the last dose has been given. Subsequently, it will depend on the treatment, the cancer type and the anamnesis of the patient. Our suggestion is to perform the follow-up every three month or at the frequency decided by the oncologist.

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