Supporting cancer specialists by providing comprehensive characterization of a patient's cancer

At OncoDNA we strive to help cancer patients. OncoDNA offers solutions combining the most relevant molecular technologies in order to provide a comprehensive characterization of the patient’s cancer, hence supporting oncologists in their treatment and follow-up decisions.


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    Health Care Professionnals

    OncoDNA provides theranostic solutions, supporting health care professionals in the complex process of selecting the best therapy for each cancer patient.

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    Cancer Centers and Pharmas

    Based on the expert knowledge developed through its specific solutions, OncoDNA also collaborates with cancer centers and biopharmas in their data interpretation and drug development processes.

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Jean-Loup Mouysset

Clinique Rambot-Provencale (France)

Today precision medicine is becoming unavoidable to treat cancer. Each patient is unique, and there is a unique way to take care of him.

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Cost-effective solution combining DNA and protein analysis of a solid tumour sample

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The complete solution integrating the analyses of solid and liquid biopsies

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Cancer-specific solution from a liquid biopsy sample

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Truly personalized monitoring solution from liquid biopsy sample

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OncoDNA is pleased to announce collaboration in the MDLUX2 program from INC (National Cancer Institute), Molecular Diagnostics Program funded by IBBL (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg), the Fondation Cancer and the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner - English Version

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OncoDNA annonce collaborer au lancement de MDLUX2 par l’INC (Institut National du Cancer), programme de diagnostic moléculaire financé par la Fondation Cancer, la Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner et IBBL (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg). - Version Française

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OncoDNA Signs Distribution Agreement with Gammaray Private Health Services in Turkey and AMS 2000 Trading Impex in Romania

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About us

OncoDNA is a cancer theranostic company, using a combination of the most relevant molecular technologies to support oncologists in their patients’ treatment decisions.

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