Our main axes

A three-axes strategic approach to support drug development processes

Precision Enrollment

A new way to bring together fully characterized patients and biopharma together in a mutually beneficial clinical trial

Every day, OncoDNA characterizes patients from all over the world… Most of our conclusions/reports are listing FDA or EMA approved treatments. But in some cases, the best or only treatment options left are compounds which are still under clinical development. So, some patients are in desperate need to get access to these clinical trial...


Central Lab Services

A Unique Technology Partner and Cancer Biology Integrator for Clinical Trials

  • From single gene to complete panel – DNA/RNA
  • Using solid tumor (FFPE block or slides) and/or liquid biopsy (blood, urine, CSF, saliva, …)
  • Combined with Molecular Pathology tools: IHCs, FISH, CISH
  • From sample to biological and clinical interpretation
  • AND the most flexible and personalized ctDNA solution

From Data to Knowledge

OncoKDM: A unique data interpretation and integration, customizable interface linked to our expertise

  • Integrative: DNA (Ion Torrent, Illumina,…), RNA (microarray, transcriptome), protein (IHC, MS,…)
  • QC of third party data sets and biomarker calling
  • Centralization: a unique, secure and robust web portal giving access to data and interpretation to every eligible partner


Applications are numerous and varied:

NGS or IHC biomarker discovery, validation and clinical testing

Utilizing the existing OncoDNA gene panels (from 65 to 409 genes) and molecular pathology panels (in a catalog of more than 100 IHCs, FISH,…) or starting from data generated by third parties (WES, WGS,…).

Patient stratification and targeted enrollment

Testing the expression of a drug target, searching for the presence of an activating mutation or combining NGS and IHC to confirm the presence and/or activity of a key marker at DNA and protein level.

Drug response monitoring using liquid biopsy

Measuring and analyzing ctDNA in liquid biopsy (blood, urine, CSF, saliva,…) to monitor candidate treatment response.

Pan-cancer and Pan-technology CDx development, validation and testing

Any combination of genes, alterations, genomic characteristics and/or molecular pathology biomarker can be developed for partners as a clinical trial assay (CTA) .

Data mining and clinical data integration for special responder characterization

Patterns search using clinical and real world data, OncoKDM database system and proprietary algorithm, machine learning approach,…

Mechanism of Action and Mechanism of Resistance elucidation

Accelerated using ctDNA monitoring and combining genomic and proteomic tools coupled with data to knowledge approach of OncoKDO.

New therapeutic indication exploration

Based on molecular characterization of the disease, on of label follow-up data in our database and on real or virtual basket trial results.

Bringing together fully characterized patients and biopharma in mutually beneficial clinical trials

OncoDNA is fully committed to increase patient access to the right treatment options and when needed, to the most relevant clinical trials. That is the essence of OncoDNA’s Precision Enrollment services, and the reason inspiring us to develop the most comprehensive approach available on the market.

Many targeted clinical trials are not related solely to gene alterations but are depending on to the expression of a specific protein, the presence of a novel mRNA transcript or the occurrence of a methylation event. Hence, the best treatment options cannot be established by relying solely on DNA analysis. OncoDNA characterizes patients by NGS and searches for specific SNVs, CNVs, Indels and translocations but is also relying on molecular pathology tools for monitoring the expression of specific receptors or biomarkers using IHC, by assessing methylation status, …. Thanks to this comprehensive characterization of the patient solid and liquid biopsy, OncoDNA provides the only truly comprehensive picture of patient’s cancer. This approach offers the highest chances to find a match between a patient looking for an effective treatment and a biopharma company recruiting patients for their trial.

OncoDNA collects additional clinical information about the patient disease prior to testing and monitors disease evolution after the treatment is started. This meets the increasing demand from pharma partners who want to have access to a patient with extensive medical and clinical history. OncoSHARE reports contain a timeline of the disease where all the significant clinical events are listed, from the diagnostic data and treatment regimens followed by the patient before OncoDNA testing to treatment efficacy monitoring and clinical data related to OncoTRACE follow-up analyses.
This approach provides the patient, the treating physician and the biopharma sponsor with a unique longitudinal view about the clinical landscape of the disease.

Clinical trials in oncology are challenging for biopharma companies. In 2015, approximately 630 breast cancer trials, 470 lung cancer trials and 340 colorectal cancer trials were initiated. In 2016, the number of new trials registered every month peaked at 500(*)! This means that a lot of cancer patients need to be recruited for these trials. Furthermore, many clinical trials are evaluating targeted or immuno therapies which require very specific patient profiles harbouring a precise molecular alteration or expressing a unique biomarker. An increasing number of biopharmas are involved in cancer treatment development, which means, for the patients’ benefit, additional compounds being tested in clinical trials and a growing demand for enrolling patients in these clinical trials. Also, as many new drugs are targeting specific molecular events, eligible patients are more specific and difficult to find.

Our job ? To help patients and biopharmas with targeted recruitment. Our program is driven by the fast growing number of patients and oncologists using OncoDNA solutions.

(*) : Mining ClinicalTrials.gov – Institutions, Funding, and Areas of Focus | Michael Shea | January 18, 2017

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