About us

OncoDNA is a cancer theranostic company which uses a combination of the most relevant molecular technologies to support oncologists in their treatment decisions for patients.


OncoDNA’s mission is to provide better characterization of the patient’s cancer and hence better treatment choice and follow-up.

OncoDNA’s goal is to predict and monitor the response to anticancer drugs using a comprehensive integrated approach (genomics combined with molecular pathology) thus enabling oncologists to make the right therapeutic decisions and determine treatment regimens.


OncoDNA currently proposes four analyses to oncologists: OncoDEEP®, OncoSTRAT&GO®, OncoTRACE and OncoSELECT® (all ISO15189 compliant and CE-IVD marked).

A report presenting the analysis results and a collection of follow-up data are available on the OncoSHARE® platform.

For institutions performing their own laboratory analyses, OncoDNA also has an online, innovative analysis platform, OncoKDM®, to help biologists integrate all the test results from one cancer sample into a custom report. The report is then shared with oncologists to guide them in their choice of the therapy options most appropriate for each patient.

Awards & recognitions

We do our utmost every day to ensure OncoDNA creates and delivers quality services in the most sustainable way. We’re proud of our accomplishments as a young company and it’s always a great reward when business specialists recognize our value.

OncoDNA has received significant recognition in our area of expertise. The challenges we seek to resolve are complex, and we will continue to set the bar higher and make further progress in the field.


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Over 10 million euros raised from investments and subsidies

Last year, OncoDNA was very successful in raising money to accelerate its development. On 1 September 2016, Ackermans & van Haaren became OncoDNA’s biggest investor, at the close of a fundraising effort of € 7.7 million. Furthermore, two OncoDNA projects received the support of the Belgian Walloon Government.

ARCHE is an ambitious innovative project whose aim is to demonstrate, via three prospective studies, the clinical effectiveness of combining complex analyses of the tumor using OncoSTRAT&GO and the monitoring of tumor recurrence using OncoTRACE. Jean-Claude Marcourt, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Research, approved a subsidy of 3.85 million euros to go towards the overall budget for the 6 million euro project.

The objective of Moncodaneum, the second project, is to integrate and interpret all the information generated from a tumor, such as DNA sequencing data, the analysis of tumor markers and imaging, taking into account not only cost, but also time and ergonomic constraints and, ultimately, the utility for the oncologist. Moncodaneum involves putting OncoKDM online. This is an SAAS which connects up with all the data generated by different cancer treatment centers worldwide. Pilot projects are already under way, for example with the SOLTI group. The Moncodaneum project is subsidized partially by the Walloon Region (€ 5.2 million of a total budget of € 10 million).


OncoDNA we fight cancer

65 employees

Growing exponentially since its creation, OncoDNA selects and hires people with very diverse but complementary profiles. Everyone represents a link in a chain, just like a part of a stran of DNA and this gives our enterprise a strong, unique identity – bio-informatics experts, IT developers, a logistics team, designers…

We all work together to accomplish the same mission : to help patients and oncologists by providing the best tools to fight cancer!

  • Executive Committee
  • Board Of Directors
  • Scientific Advisors
  • OncoDNA-Jean-Pol-Detiffe-CEO

    Jean-Pol Detiffe

    Chief Executive Officer

  • OncoDNA-Jean-François-Laes-CTO

    Jean-François Laes

    Chief Technology Officer

  • OncoDNA-Pierre-Flamant-CFO

    Pierre Flamant

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Gregori Ghitti

    Chief Information Officer

  • OncoDNA-Jean-Stephenne-President-of-the-board-of-directors

    Dr. Jean Stephenne

    President of the board of directors

  • OncoDNA-John-Eric-Bertrand-administrator

    John-Eric Bertrand


  • OncoDNA-Jean-Pol-Detiffe-CEO

    Jean-Pol Detiffe

    Chief Executive Officer

  • OncoDNA-François-Blondel-Administrator

    François Blondel


  • OncoDNA-Alain-Declercq-observer

    Alain Declercq


  • OncoDNA-Micheline-Streel-administrator

    Micheline Streel


  • OncoDNA-Gery-Lefebvre-administrator

    Gery Lefebvre


  • OncoDNA-Jean-Michel-Verhaegen-observer

    Jean-Michel Verhaegen


  • Jean-François Ghidetti

    Administrator, Director of the Institute of Pathology and Genetics (IPG)

  • Olivier de Duve


  • Martine Piccart, MD, PhD

    Professor of Oncology at Université Libre de Bruxelles and Director of Medecine at the Jules Bordet Institute

  • Christos Sotiriou, MD, PhD

    Institut Jules Bordet / Head of the Breast Cancer Translational Research Laboratory J-C Heuson (BCTL) - Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium.

  • Jean-Pascal Machiels, MD

    Head of the Department of Medical Oncology and member of the board of directors of the Centre du cancer et d’Hématologie des Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc

  • Paul Delrée, PhD

    Pathologist, MD and Head of research IPG - IRSPG, Belgium

  • Vincent Brichard

    ‎Senior Vice-president at GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals