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OncoDNA is committed to giving cancer patients access to the best care.
Our mission is to deliver oncologists and patients with robust, clinically validated treatment options via the most comprehensive molecular characterization and our knowledge database and supported by collaborations with pharma and biotech companies.


OncoKDM, transforming cancer data into knowledge driven medicine


OncoKDM is the first personalized bioinformatic assistant that can be customized to your specific needs and your bioinformatics pipeline. It is a highly-secured platform, accessible through the web which will turn your data into useful knowledge, without investment in hardware or IT staff.

OncoKDM can integrate sequencing data from any platform with any other test performed in the laboratory. Through proprietary algorithms, OncoKDM can analyze and integrate the information to enable relevant biological and clinical interpretation. A detailed interactive report is prepared for the oncologist to guide him/her in their choice of the best therapy otpions for the patient.

“Given the expertise of OncoDNA delivering solutions in precision medicine, we initiate this collaboration with enthusiasm to produce a specific SOLTI OncoKDM solution which will integrates the current and future molecular data types that might reveal unappreciated vulnerabilities in the tumor of AGATA patients that will allow us to tailor much better their treatment options”

Sonia Pernas – Medical Oncology Department- Institut Català d’Oncologia

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