Cancer Age Country 1st Diagnostic Status
Head and Neck Cancer 62 South Africa 2015 currently in treatment
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Daniel, Head and Neck Cancer

Age Country 1st Diagnostic Status
62 South Africa 2015 currently in treatment

62-year old male affected by an unknown head & neck primary site tumor poorly differentiated into squamous cell carcinoma.

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Detailed report

  • 2015


    Diagnostic: Squamous Cell Carcinoma with bilateral metastases in neck and axillary nodes


    Biomarkers already tested:

    – none

    Previous treatments:

    – Platinum
    – Radiotherapy
    – Surgery
    – Cetuximab (Erbitux)

  • Jul 2015

    OncoDNA observed a high expression of PD-L1 which is associated with a good prognosis for such therapy.
    – FGFR3 variant
    – IHC: high expression of PD-L1


    Recommended treatments:

    – Anti-PD-L1 (Nivolumab since Oct 2015)

  • Current status

    The patient is treated with nivolumab and shows a good response with 6 months of OS for the moment.

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Dr Ettienne MYBURGH

The value of OncoDEEP comes into play when patients have failed first line therapy or patients have had progression of disease.

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  • Cost-effective solution combining DNA and protein analysis of a solid tumour sample
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