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COLORECTAL CANCER: A giant inflatable colon has been deployed by a team in the Lebanon to raise cancer awareness and encourage participation in screening programmes. Positive outcomes were reported.


Feb. 17, 2020


Giant Inflatable Colon Model Enhances Lebanese Community Knowledge and Intention for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Journal of Clinical Oncology, January 31, 2020



To assess the knowledge and intention for colorectal cancer (CRC) screening within the Lebanese community before and after a guided tour through an inflatable colon model. METHODS The Cancer Prevention and Control Program, Naef K. Basile Cancer Institute at the American University of Beirut Medical Center in collaboration with AMALOUNA educational nongovernmental organization launched awareness campaigns during which a walk-through inflatable colon was displayed. Pre- and post-surveys related to the age of screening, risk factors, symptoms, and CRC prevention were collected anonymously before and after touring the inflatable colon to assess the effectiveness of this educational tool.


Compiled data collected from 782 participants revealed that older age and higher education were predictors of favorable CRC screening knowledge and behaviors before entering the inflatable colon. Interestingly, touring the inflatable colon model significantly improved participants’ awareness and knowledge about CRC. Most importantly, it increased their willingness for screening and social engagement and comfort discussing and promoting CRC screening.


Overall, these results indicate that the interactive colon is an effective educational tool that can make a positive impact by improving the community CRC awareness and interest in CRC screening. They also highlight the importance of such educational efforts conducted in the community to create more awareness about CRC and emphasize the importance of its prevention.