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COVID-19 AND CANCER: Supporting oncologists by providing free OncoKDM access


April 14, 2020


Minimize COVID-19 effects by being able to share your patient reports even in quarantine.

The COVID-19 situation has a major impact on oncological clinical routine practice with collateral effects on patient’s life, OncoDNA offers to labs and oncologists a free access to its Clinical Decision Support software OncoKDM® Lite Offer that enables clinicians to report and share patient case just in a few clicks and from everywhere.

Share and stay connected with OncoKDM® Lite Offer

OncoKDM® Lite Offer was developed to gather oncology clinicians and experts in the same platform. That means that laboratories, biologists, pathologists and oncologists might be connected through a virtual lab. Discuss your patient case with your team with the internal messaging system and share the final report with external clinical experts in a few clicks for further discussion.




Your NGS interpretation in a few minutes

OncoDNA really hopes this might minimize quarantine effects by allowing labs and clinicians to keep a continuously work in oncology practice.

• Variant tiering

• ACMG guidelines

• Drug recommendations

• Bibliography

• Running clinical trials

 Upload and analyse your VCF here: www.login.oncokdm.com

(ISO/IEC 27001:2013 data handling certification and GDPR privacy guaranteed.)

Instant access

As Web-based platform, OncoKDM® Lite Offer doesn’t require installation and encompasses a self-registration system. Easy and fast the CDS provides oncology experts with a full analysis of NGS data including drugs and clinical trials recommendations based on the latest scientific outcomes.


Scientific Support

Should you have any scientific concern? During this difficult period, OncoKDM® Lite Offer garantees a full scientific assistance through its Intercom live messaging system or by email.

Create your FREE account now on www.login.oncokdm.com


Limited action during the COVID-19 crisis, restricted to new user and new institutions with OncoKDM® Lite Offer until May 30th 2020.