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OncoDNA expands international cancer precision medicine project Moncodaneum


June 26, 2018


 Additional cancer centres now validating OncoDNA’s unique cancer biomarker interpretation software, OncoKDM


OncoDNA (“OncoDNA or “the Company”), the healthcare technology company making precision medicine a reality, provides an update today on Moncodaneum, a project aimed at validating the Company’s unique SaaS precision medicine software, OncoKDM, and expanding its use among cancer centres and hospitals across the globe.


OncoDNA is pleased to announce that new cancer centres in Europe are now signed up and actively using OncoKDM, with more expected to join shortly. During the project, up to 40 cancer centres across Europe will have access to OncoKDM’s database, analysis and interpretation services. Access enables molecular biologists as well as oncologists and physicians at these centres to trial the software in routine clinical practice and use it to make informed, individually-tailored treatment decisions for their patients.


It has become increasingly difficult for oncologists to define the best treatment and monitoring strategies for patients due to the many different types of data generated by molecular profiling strategies. OncoKDM works by holistically analysing the full spectrum of cancer biomarker information available alongside the existing clinical data. This includes DNA/RNA sequencing, immunohistochemistry analysis, molecular pathology, and even highly complex data such as exome sequencing. Through this comprehensive approach, OncoKDM is able to create a personalized analysis that enables oncologists to identify the right precision medicines for a patient.


The Moncodaneum project aims to integrate and interpret all the tumour information and clinical data emerging from international cancer centres and make OncoKDM’s analyses and recommendations available to every participating centre. In doing so, the Company hopes to demonstrate the benefits of the service, including the significant time and cost savings for care providers, as well as the provision of crucial information for oncologists making therapeutic decisions.


The cancer centres now actively using OncoKDM are the SOLTI Group in Spain, the Jessa Hospital in Belgium, the CHU Strasbourg in France, the Oslo University Hospital in Norway, the Hannover Medical School in Germany, University Hospital Cologne in Germany, and the Centrum Onkologii Bydgoszcz - Prof Lukaszczyk Memorial Hospital in Poland.


OncoDNA also offers tailored diagnostics solutions to all oncology stakeholders for molecular profiling of tumors.


Commenting on the announcement, Jean-Francois Laes, Chief Scientific Officer of OncoDNA, said:

«Moncodaneum takes its name from the information gathering project of the early 20th century, Mundaneum, a precursor to the internet. Our project seeks to validate OncoKDM’s unique software, which gathers and analyses complex cancer biomarker information to enable better outcomes for patients. Moncodaneum is a huge opportunity to offer cancer centers across Europe an integrated platform which works across various technologies and biomarkers including DNA, RNA, and proteins, enabling them to compare clinical analyses and results. For the first time, Moncodaneum will enable a laboratory working on DNA sequencing for a cancer type to compare its results with another laboratory working on RNA sequencing or another working on proteins. We look forward to working with a growing network of international hospitals to further the applicability of OncoKDM and to support the use of precision medicines for cancer globally.»


Dr. Eva Ciruelos, president of SOLTI added: «OncoDNA and SOLTI have joined forces to improve the information we offer to patients with metastatic breast cancer through our AGATA program and thus be able to issue personalized treatment recommendations integrating genomic, gene expression and proteomic data of their tumors on the same platform. Currently, the SOLTI-OncoKDM platform contains information on 160 case studies, which will be reviewed by the AGATA expert committee to assess whether a more complete molecular profile modifies or adds new information to the recommendation previously provided by the committee on a single genomic data basis.»


Dr. Marzena Lewandowska, the head of the Department of Molecular Oncology and Genetics, Innovative Medical Forum, The F. Lukaszczyk Oncology Center, Bydgoszcz, Poland, added: «We are happy to be part of the Moncodaneum project. From our initial experience, the OncoKDM platform is very easy to work with. Using the platform we recently finished our cancer project, involving screening 70 patients with breast cancer and 30 with ovarian cancer for somatic mutations. Some of those results have already been published at the second International Conference on Translational Medicine – Oncogenetics combined with the grand opening ceremony of the Innovative Medical Forum, the Oncology Center in Bydgoszcz, Poland.»


Dr Eric Guérin, Medical Biologist responsible for NGS platforms for solid tumors at Strasbourg University Hospitals, added: «OncoKDM is a valuable tool for NGS data interpretation in clinical settings, particularly for cancer centers that do not have access to bioinformatics support to interpret their data. The platform offers a very well-designed interface that presents complex genomic data – including polymorphisms, actionable variants, and actionable incidental findings, as well as information on potential biological and therapeutic impacts – in a concise and practical way.»



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