OncoDNA launches its OncoKDM® Lite Offer that enables laboratories to get the clinical interpretation of cancer genomic profiles in a few minutes

Kevin Sovet

March 10, 2020


OncoKDM® Lite interprets tumor-based Next Generation Sequencing VCF data to guide oncologists in their treatment decision making, providing them with individualized treatment options and clinical trials recommendations for their patients


Gosselies, Belgium – March 10th , 2020: 

OncoDNA (“OncoDNA or “the Company”), the healthcare technology company making precision medicine a reality, today announced the launch of a new commercial offer related to its online expert platform for oncology genomic data interpretation OncoKDM® (Lite Offer). This Clinical Decision Support tool, that was presented in preview during the 14ème Biennale Monégasque de Cancérologie in Monaco early February, is now made available worldwide and can be used by any laboratory that is running next generation sequencing somatic analyses on solid tumor samples.

Faster, smarter and easier to use, OncoKDM ® (Lite Offer) meets the most immediate clinical needs of oncologists, pathologists and other specialists in molecular biology. It processes, analyses and biologically and clinically interprets VCF data with the end goal of providing laboratories with a comprehensive report that can then be shared with oncologists, clinicians or healthcare professionals who are responsible for treatment choice. The report contains among others a list of drugs based on the identified DNA/RNA mutations that are classified by therapeutical impact (variant tiering system) as well as a list of recruiting clinical trials worldwide in which the patient might be eligible for enrollment.

As a tertiary analysis expert system, OncoKDM® (Lite Offer) delivers a fully actionable and scientifically backed report in a few minutes (from data upload to results publication), enabling laboratories to rapidly complete their sometime complex variant interpretation work and drug association. The software is endowed with ISO13485:2016, ISO27001:2013 and HIPAA certifications.

“Since its first version, launched two years ago, we were able to improve the quality standards of OncoKDM®, validate its potential and transform it thanks to the collaboration of several European hospitals where the software was tested. Through the Moncodaneum project, it has been used in reference laboratories in Europe and worldwide. Our next move is to speed up the commercialization of OncoKDM® (Life Offer) by connecting even more molecular laboratories and biopharma companies across Europe and at the international stage”  says Jean-Pol Detiffe, Chief Executive Officer at OncoDNA.


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