OncoDNA’s Precision Medicine Solutions Available from Two Major Healthcare Providers in the UK


Sept. 19, 2019


- Agreements with Nuffield Health and BMI Healthcare significantly strengthen OncoDNA’s UK market presence

- Build on expanded reimbursement agreement with BUPA


OncoDNA (“OncoDNA or “the Company”), the healthcare technology company making precision medicine a reality, announces today that it will supply the Company’s range of world-class diagnostic cancer tests to two leading UK healthcare providers, Nuffield Health (“Nuffield”) and BMI Healthcare (“BMI”), via agreements signed by OncoDNA’s UK distributor, Everything Genetic Ltd (“Everything Genetic”).

Everything Genetic will supply Nuffield and BMI with OncoDNA’s genetic and molecular testing products OncoDEEP, OncoSELECT, OncoSTRAT&GO, and OncoFOLLOW, which combine advanced, comprehensive testing of cancer biomarkers with a proprietary cancer treatment knowledge database that enable oncologists to treat their patients with the latest cancer therapies available today.

In addition to these agreements, the contract between Everything Genetic and BUPA for the reimbursement of OncoDEEP and OncoSELECT (in certain cases*) has been expanded, supporting OncoDNA’s growth strategy in the UK and ensuring that its products continue to be reimbursed by the UK’s leading insurers. Furthermore, the Company’s products now have a CCSD code (OncoDEEP 7005G; OncoSELECT 7006G), the testing and treatment product validation system used by the UK’s major insurance companies, providing further validation for the UK market.


Jean-Pol Detiffe, Chief Executive Officer of OncoDNA, said:

«We are pleased to announce these agreements with Nuffield and BMI, furthering OncoDNA’s expansion into the UK market. These agreements are illustrative of the significant impact our products can make in the treatment of cancer but also the rapid progress of our scalable, revenue generating model.»


Dr Penny Kechagioglou, Chief Medical Officer UK at Genesis Care, said: «

In the modern medicine era, we need to move away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach in cancer treatment, into a more personalised approach, which is based on the specific tumour genetic make-up. OncoDNA are offering the opportunity for patients to receive tumour-specific cancer treatment, with higher chances of response, resulting in better patient outcomes. This is revolutionary for patients and also helps reduce unnecessary drug costs, which can be used for patients who truly need them.»


Dr Christos Mikropoulos, Clinical Oncologist at Kent Oncology Centre, said«Patient access to novel genomic profiling tools provided by OncoDNA will improve our decision-making processes as clinicians and allow a personalised treatment approach.»


Dr Robert Leonard, Professor of Medical Oncology at Imperial College London, said: «The days of using a uniform treatment for all patients with a particular disease, e.g. advanced breast cancer, are no longer appropriate. The outcomes for treating advanced common cancers have never been very impressive, and we are now recognising that it is not about better drugs but better understanding the individual patient’s disease biology. It is inherently challenging to gauge population benefits when such ‘personalised’ treatment is applied, so collecting information on the individual outcomes will be very important. We are starting with molecular profiling for advanced cancers but, if successful, this approach will be used at earlier stages of disease with probably even better results.»


*OncoDEEP is automatically reimbursed when used for any late-stage metastatic cancers that have previously undergone standard treatments and OncoSELECT for lung cancer patients. OncoSTRAT&GO, a test that combines the solid and liquid biopsy analyses, is reimbursed on a case-by-case basis.




OncoDEEP was the first solution developed by OncoDNA in 2013. It profiles solid tumor samples by sequencing 75 genes linked to approved targeted therapies, combined with IHC tests to detect important proteins and with other tests, such as MSI, gene fusion or promoter methylation. The NGS panel is based on an accurate analysis of oncologists’ needs in their current practice when the choice of solutions is reduced for the patients. The panel is updated every year based on advances reported in the literature, so as to provide patients with the most economical effective solutions. OncoDEEP provides information about approved or in development hormonal therapies, immunotherapies (through a personalised immunogram) and chemotherapies, as well as targeted therapies.

OncoSELECT is a fast, minimally invasive analysis of circulating tumour DNA from a blood sample for metastatic lung (NSCLC), colon and breast (ER+ or HER2+) cancer patients. It is the perfect tool to identify therapeutic solutions (approved targeted therapies) for cancer patients not able to get their tumour biopsied (or too old biopsy), to monitor the progression of their cancer and to detect treatment resistance as soon as it appears.

OncoSTRAT&GO combines the analysis of a solid biopsy sample (from the primary tumour or a metastasis) and the analysis of a liquid biopsy (from a blood sample). Analysis of the solid tumor includes the sequencing of 193 genes linked to approved or in development targeted therapies. This gene panel is based on the one used for the NCI-MATCH trial and was first selected for its scientific relevance: important pathways, signalling cascades, tumour metabolism, apoptosis, growth factors and DNA repair. After the first validation process, we improved the panel to cover some missing regions, added extra genes and compensated for some issues with the robustness of some amplicons due to the quality of the DNA. Additionally, we combine sequencing with IHCs and other tests, such as MSI, gene fusion or promoter methylation. This combination provides information about approved or in development hormonal therapies, immunotherapies (through a personalised immunogram) and chemotherapies, as well as targeted therapies. The analysis of the liquid biopsy gives insight into tumour heterogeneity by sequencing 40 genes linked to targeted therapies.

OncoFOLLOW s a test based on circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in liquid biopsies. It is used to monitor the progression of the tumour (burden of the disease) and to detect lack of response or resistance to treatment as soon as it appears. This assay is customised for each patient, as it contains personal cancer-specific markers and variants identified in a previous genomic analysis.


About Everything Genetic Ltd

Everything Genetic Ltd was formed in 2016 to fill the niche in the market for quality consultancy combined with direct distributorship opportunities and enables diagnostic, prognostic and theranostic-focused companies to rapidly assess and gain access to the UK IVD markets. The company covers breast, ovarian, colorectal, urological and other cancers and its medical director is lead breast surgeon at the London Breast Institute of the Princess Grace hospital, Professor Mokbel, who is supported on the board by other leading cancer specialists.


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