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Dec. 3, 2018


Lung Cancer Day: Arche, a promising project


The ARCHE Project, in which we have been working together with other European centers for months, is a good example in this line of research. Awarded by the OncoDNA theranostic company with a budget of 6 million euros, its objective is to demonstrate the clinical usefulness of its solutions and to validate the predictive value of the immunogram in several types of cancer such as lung, bladder, colon, gastric, endometrium, head and neck and esophagus. Specifically, retroprospective studies are being completed in a total of 300 patients, who are undergoing a genomic analysis of solid biopsy (samples of the primary or metastatic tumor) and also of liquid biopsy (blood samples).

The results of the immunogram study will be compared with those obtained in the actual practice of response to immunotherapy, in order to define the predictive value of this new tool. Some results that will still have to wait but that are promising.


Enrique Lastra, oncologist at the University Hospital of Burgos, member of the ARCHE project (OncoDNA)