CyberKnife Sigulda is now offering the tumor profiling solutions from OncoDNA to improve cancer care in Latvia

CyberKnife Sigulda is now offering the whole portfolio of OncoDNA solutions

Gosselies, Belgium – October 31, 2017 

OncoDNA, the Cancer Theranostic Company, announced today that CyberKnife Sigulda (Consilium Veritas Ltd) will market and distribute OncoDNA’s complete solution portfolio in Latvia. The whole range of OncoDNA’ services is now available for clinical use.

Based in Belgium, OncoDNA is a leader in personalized molecular analysis for cancer patients. CyberKnife Sigulda is now offering the whole portfolio of OncoDNA solutions: for example, the cutting-edge solution OncoSTRAT&GO ( CyberKnife Sigulda has been created to assist in the fight against cancer, benign tumors, and other diseases that are treatable with radio surgery or radiation therapy.

OncoDNA’s solutions aim at guiding oncologists in their treatment decision-making thanks to a very innovative and unique solid and/or liquid molecular characterization of the tumor. Sophisticated tumor interrogation technologies (Next-generation sequencing, Immunohistochemistry, pyrosequencing, etc.) combined with an extensive clinical literature assessment allows OncoDNA to provide doctors with the most relevant evidence on biomarkers and their drug correlation.

If you are a medical doctor from Latvia and you would like to discuss about a project or collaboration opportunity, please contact OncoDNA’s local coordinator: Mr. Māris Skromanis,, +37 126 11 33 45.

About Cyberknife Sigulda 

Brand CyberKnife Sigulda (Consilium Veritas Ltd) is one of the leading private medico-marketing institutions, which informs Latvian society about newest and most innovative cancer and benign tumors diagnostic and treatment options. Assistance includes on-line and on-site primary review of patients’ medical data, complex oncological consultation of the most experienced Latvian doctors. Treatment options include stereotactic radiosurgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immune- and targeted therapy including the most modern oncology products.

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