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The aim of precision medicine is to analyze the genetic make-up of each individual tumor in order to select the right therapy for each patient, treatments which can improve the chances of survival and reduce exposure to adverse effects, so that the patient can enjoy improved health and a longer, better life.

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Dr Jesus Garcia-Foncillas

Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz

Thanks to OncoDEEP, we were able to identify a new treatment that would have not been found from routine testing.

Vision & Mission

OncoDNA’s vision is to change and advance cancer care by bringing tomorrow’s precision medicine into today’s oncologists daily practice.

OncoDNA is committed to giving patients access to the best cancer care. To achieve this, we aim to provide oncologists with robust, clinically validated treatment options using the most comprehensive molecular characterization tools and our extended knowledge database.

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OncoSHARE is a highly secured platform using the latest technologies.

When you join OncoSHARE, you become a member of an active network gathering together more than 13 000 patients and oncologists.

Regardless of whether information concerns patient health or payment, we take every precaution to ensure your security. OncoSHARE is used by oncologists to order our solutions, display interactive analysis reports and connect health care professionals to each other and to our team of experts.

In a simple, interactive manner, OncoSHARE will guide you in your selection the most appropriate treatment options based on the unique signature of your patient’s tumor.

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How does it work?
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    Ordering a solution is very simple: Just log into OncoSHARE and select your solution(s). If you don’t have a kit, we’ll send you one.

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    Collect the tumor sample(s) and send the kit back to OncoDNA.
    There is a prepaid way bill included in the box.

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    Samples are received and checked by the logistics department and then processed by the Institute of Pathology and Genetics (IPG). All lab test (QC, NGS, IHC, etc.) are performed at this state-of-the-art facility.

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    After interpretation by our experts, an interactive report will be available for you on OncoSHARE. You can share it with a colleague or present it at a molecular tumor board meeting.

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    Support is available at all times, for patients through our Patient Care department and for oncologists via our scientific team.

Knowledge Driven Medicine



Because knowledge is more powerful than just data

To solve the daily challenges encountered by biologists and oncologists, OncoDNA developed OncoKDM, a highly-secured platform, accessible through the web. OncoKDM is the first personalized bioinformatics assistant that can be customized to your specific needs and your clinical data pipeline, and transform it into useful knowledge without your investment in hardware or IT staff.

  • 25.000
    Variants documented
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    Clinical trials

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Scientific brochures

Please find below information sheets explaining how our solutions are helping to make a better diagnosis of a patient’s tumor and how this can open new therapeutic options, which depend on the cancer type and the individual tumor profile.

Also learn about how personalized immunograms are helping to predict immunotherapy responses in patients.

You can find all our publications on our library page

About us

OncoDNA is a cancer theranostic company, using a combination of the most relevant molecular technologies to support oncologists in their patients’ treatment decisions.

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