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OncoKDM® (Lite offer)

To support oncologists in their treatment decision by providing the best clinical recommendations

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What is OncoKDM® (Lite offer)

OncoKDM® (Lite offer) is a commercial offer based on OncoKDM®, a web-based Clinical Decision Support (CDS) expert system that translates NGS somatic variants into actionable clinical insight enabling oncologists to provide patients with personalised treatments based on:

• Variants classification according to clinical guidelines (tiering)
• Drugs and clinical trials available related to your data and patient condition
• Real world evidences based on OncoDNA diagnostic activity
• Relied on public information curated by OncoDNA’s scientific experts

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OncoKDM® interacts with our proprietary database

Our proprietary database (OncoKDO) is enriched weekly with new information by our algorithms and expert scientists. On top of that, it is daily fed by real world data and real world evidences coming from OncoDNA’s diagnostic activity:


*Public data sources: Pub Med literature, CLinVar, COSMIC, GnomAD, OncoKB, Clinicaltrials.gov,…

Simple process

Upload VCF files, set your analysis parameters and launch the interpretation process in few clicks.

OncoKDM® BioIT process filters and interprets complex insertions and deletions (indels) from NGS somatic data as well as single nucleotide variations (SNV).

Biological and therapeutical variants classification (tiering) in line with clinical guidelines.

Accordingly to our proprietary database and actionable variants, the app provides  with patient-specific drugs recommendations and clinical trials.

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How exactly does it work?

Sample files upload and patient case setting

Import VCF files generated by the variant calling pipeline, create your patient cases, set your analyses parameters and launch the interpretation in few clicks.

VCF import was tested and validated with the most common variant calling software (Pisces / TorrentServerVariantCaller / freebayes / GATK: HaplotypeCaller / VarScan / Samtools: BcFtools (https://github.com/samtools/bcftools) / Mutect1 / Platypus / CLCBio / Mutect2 / VarDict / NextGene  / LoFreq.

Panel agnostic

Because OncoKDM® is panel agnostic, whatever you are using a focus or a comprehensive panel (TSO500), if your genes come from the 595 most common genes used for molecular profiling in oncology, the platform will perform a complete tertiary interpretation pathologists and oncologists can use during the molecular board.

Patient’s clinical information and follow-up

Because patient’s assessment is required to provide with the best interpretation, both “patient information” and  “follow-up” panels allow clinicians to set patient’s condition and history.

Inserstions / Deletions / SNV Clinical interpretation

OncoKDM® BioIT process filters and interprets complex insertions and deletions (indels) from the NGS somatic data as well as single nucleotide variations (SNV).


Reference sequence: AATTGTG - AGAAGCTGGAG
Insertion variant:        AATTGTG T AGAAGCTGGAG


Reference sequence: AATTGTG A AGAAGCTGGAG
Insertion variant:        AATTGTG - AGAAGCTGGAG


Reference sequence: AATTGTG A AGAAGCTGGAG
Insertion variant:        AATTGTG G AGAAGCTGGAG

Variants classification

Thanks to curated sources and proprietary algorithms, filtered variants are classified following clinical guidelines (ACMG, COMPERMED,…) including biological and therapeutical impacts:


Probably Pathogenic
Variants of Unknown Significance
Probably Benign


* This classification is based on the ACMG and AMP Standards and Guidelines publication of Richards et al. Genet Med 2015, even though these guidelines are meant for germline variants.


TIER Classification (therapeutic, prognostic, diagnostic
I Strong Clinical Significance
II Potential Clinical Significance
III Variants of Unknown Significance
IV Likely Benign / Benign


* This classification is based on the ACMG and AMP Standards and Guidelines publication of Li et al. J Mol Diagn 2017.

Therapies and clinical trials match

Based on clear and scientifically validated evidences OncoKDM® proprietary algorithms will report relevant FDA/EMA drugs classified by clinical benefit relevance and geolocalised clinical trials.

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What you get at the end of the day

Regardless the solid cancer type, every single report is made by our proprietary algorithms that are browsing public databases and combined with our multi-year expertise in cancer genomics to generate specific insights on your data. All data are curated and validated by our expert scientists before being published in a comprehensive report including:

1. Clinical Data
2. Actionable variants interpretation and prioritisation
3. Drugs recommendations
4. Clinical trials
5. Actionable variants details
6. Therapies by clinical impact
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A certified and secure environment


OncoKDM® evolves in a European data healthcare environment meaning that all medical, personal and processed data are stored and managed to be compliant with the EU 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


ISO 13485:2016

OncoKDM® is in the scope of our ISO 13485:2016 certification. This ISO standard specifies the requirements for quality management systems (QMS) in the medical device industry. Being certified indicates that the OncoKDM® quality management system meets the applicable regulatory and customer requirements in the field of medical devices.


ISO/IEC 27001:2013

OncoKDM® relies on an ISO 27001 certified infrastructure. The underlying information security management system of this certification facilitates the compliance with the GDPR through the implementation of the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and appropriate security of your personal data, including their protection against unauthorized or illegal treatment, and their loss, destruction or accidental damage.



HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. 

In healthcare circles, adhering to HIPAA requires healthcare organizations to implement secure electronic access to health data and to remain in compliance with privacy regulations.

Read more on OncoKDM® HIPAA compliancy on www.oncodna.com/en/compliancy

Successful collaborations

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Sonia Pernas
Medical Oncology Department - Head of Breast Cancer Unit
Institut Català d’Oncologia, Spain

Given the expertise of OncoDNA in delivering solutions in precision medicine, we initiated this collaboration with enthusiasm with the aim of developing a specific SOLTI OncoKDM solution integrating any kind of molecular data that might reveal unappreciated vulnerabilities in the tumours of AGATA patients, allowing us to tailor much better their treatment options.

Byung Chul Kim, Ph.D.
Clinomics Inc.

Compared to its competitors, OncoKDM includes patient-centred features that enable oncologists to recommend and make the right treatment decisions according to patient's data and medical history. Moreover, OncoKDM is user-friendly and easy to use, another advantage!