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Are you facing one of these issues with your NGS interpretation platform?

OncoKDM is a web-based platform that turns your NGS data into actionable clinical information that you can access via an interactive report. This report includes the NGS quality control results, patient clinical data, variant annotation, related treatments and clinical trials options. Moreover, OncoKDM can integrate NGS results with IHC, MSI and TMB data to provide you with an up to date and accurate clinical interpretation.

The comprehensive and interactive report includes quality control data, patient clinical data, in-depth NGS variants annotation, treatments and clinical trials options.

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OncoKDM is technology-agnostic

• AmpliSeq for Illumina BRCA Panel
• Ampliseq for Illumina Cancer Hotspot Panel V2
• Ampliseq for Illumina Focus Panel
• Ampliseq for Illumina Comprehensive Cancer Panel
• TruSight Tumor 15
• TruSight Tumor 170
• TruSight Oncology 500

• OncoMINE Focus Assay
• OncoMINE Comprehensive Assay
• OncoMINE BRCA Assay

• Human Breast cancer Panel
• Human Colorectal cancer Panel
• Human Lung cancer Panel
• Human Actionable Solid Tumor Panel
• Human BRCA1 & 2 Panel Human BRCA1 & 2 Plus Panel

Any panel starting from the VCF files

ClearSeq Comprehensive Cancer Panel

A dedicated tool for


As you know, combining different molecular profiling assays with clinical data is the key to select the best options and maximising the clinical benefit of the treatment. OncoDNA can combine all these informations in its powerful platform OncoKDM. Pathologists and biologists can upload all their molecular data in OncoKDM for interpretation and generate the type of report you need, with all the mutations, IHC markers, TMB and MSI. OncoKDM provides you also the best available drug choices but also the clinical trials linked with your patient results.


Molecular profiling has become a method of choice for detection of somatic variants and was rapidly adopted by clinical laboratories. However, this new method is challenging and requires regular scientific updates. The difficulties are to identify actionable markers or variants linked with approved drug or therapies in development in clinical trials. OncoKDM provides the pathologist with the most comprehensive integration and interpretation of different molecular techniques and tests (NGS, MSI, IHC, FISH...).

Interactive report with insightful widgets

Medical Information

Patient-centric, OncoKDM platform gathers mandatory data such as medical information and patient history.

Next-generation sequencing


Next-generation sequencing panel encompasses smart variant classification including biological and therapeutical impacts, CNV analysis, the list of genes covered and finally the coverage and the uniformity quality control to the exon level


Drugs recommendations

Drug regimen recommended or to avoid based on official guidelines and referenced clinical evidences

Additional Tests

Beyond the usual suspects. Learn more from data by including additional tests as Immunohistochemistry, translocations, unusual splicing or methylation or add a extra layer of interpretation on top of NGS data.

Immunogram, for immunotherapy prediction

The immunogram shows the potential response to immunotherapy. It is created by (1) the percentage of PD-L1 positive tumor cells, (2) the percentage of infiltrated CD8+ T cells, (3) the level of tumor mutational burden, (4) the micro satellite stability status of the tumor (5) the presence of mutations associated with either sensitivity or resistance to immunotherapy. The larger the area, the better the patient should answer to immunotherapy.

Clinical Trials

Worldwide active clinical trials list based on patient specific condition and molecular profile

Comprehensive Summary

The comprehensive summary reports all conclusions  including the key findings, a simplified pathway analysis and the treatment recommendations based on molecular and clinical evidence.



The comprehensive summary reports all conclusions  including the key findings, a simplified pathway analysis and the treatment recommendations based on molecular and clinical evidence.


How does it work?

OncoKDM provides you with up-to-date interpretation of your NGS oncology data.
You simply need to upload your FASTQ, BAM or VCF files by our platform in a few clicks.

Upload data

Upload your data in a few clicks and indicate the technology you are using

Set patient cases and launch the analyses

A batch of samples can be uploaded at one click, meaning that you will not waste your time uploading the samples one by one

Get the comprehensive report

It takes 48h to interpret your data, validate the report and publish it.

A certified and secured environment

OncoKDM is ISO 13485:2016 certified. This ISO norm specifies the requirements for quality management systems (QMS) in the medical device industry. Being certified indicates that the OncoKDM quality management system meets the most recent regulatory and quality requirements in the field of medical devices. The ISO 13485:2016 norm also describes the requirements for the management of information security and helps the company to meet GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.


Therefore, OncoKDM evolves in ISO 27001 environment. Hence, the data management and security are fullly compliant with the highest standards to keep information assets secure.

Successful collaborations

I am interested!
Sonia Pernas
Medical Oncology Department - Head of Breast Cancer Unit
Institut Català d’Oncologia, Spain

Given the expertise of OncoDNA in delivering solutions in precision medicine, we initiated this collaboration with enthusiasm to produce a specific SOLTI OncoKDM solution which integrates the current and future molecular data types that might reveal unappreciated vulnerabilities in the tumor of AGATA patients that will allow us to tailor much better their treatment options.

Byung Chul Kim, Ph.D.
Clinomics Inc.

Compared to its competitors, OncoKDM includes patient-centric features that enable pathologists and oncologists to recommend and make the right treatment decisions according to patient's data and medical history. Moreover, OncoKDM is user-friendly and easy to use, another advantage!


Frequently asked questions

OncoKDM can analyse NGS data from any DNA or RNA fusion (targeted) panel and assess MSI (microsatellite instability), TMB (tumour mutational burden), LOH (loss of heterozygosity), copy numbers, etc. Note that we do not currently analyze whole transcriptome data, RNA-Seq differential expression experiments, RNA data from Ion Torrent, or germline mutations.

OncoKDM is compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (information security management systems) and ISO 13485:2016 (medical devices quality management). OncoKDM is also GDPR- and GCP-compliant

No, OncoKDM is a platform focused on the interpretation of somatic alterations.

The knowledge database is generated by manually reviewing publicly available scientific data (i.e. scientific publications, conference abstracts...). Our scientific team extracts the relevant information and adds it to the database. 

If your question is not included in the list below and/or if you would like more information about our solutions, please contact us at infos@oncodna.com, our Patient and Scientific Support teams are available to answer your questions directly from Monday to Friday. You can also reach us through the chat (icon at the bottom right corner of the window).