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When you join OncoSHARE, you become a member of an active network gathering together more than 13 000 patients and oncologists.

Regardless of whether information concerns patient health or payment, we take every precaution to ensure your security. OncoSHARE is used by oncologists to order our solutions, to display interactive analysis reports and to connect health care professionals to each other and to our team of experts.

In a simple, interactive manner, OncoSHARE will guide you in your selection of the most appropriate treatment options based on the unique signature of your patient’s tumour.


Ordering your molecular profiling tests:

Ordering one of our solid or liquid byopsy tests is very simple.

Highly secured platform

Once we receive your order, we will send you a DHL shipment kit with a prefilled and prepaid waybill. Within a few days, we will get the tumour or blood sample back and start the analysis.

Online Report

A comprehensive and integrated Report: After 7 to 10 days, depending on the test you purchased, the analysis report will be available. In a simple and interactive manner, it will guide you in selecting the most appropriate treatment based on the unique signature of the tumor.

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Your result interpretation report

Comprehensive summary

List of treatments that should be associated with clinical benefits, as well as those that shouldn’t
• Simplified molecular pathway(s)


List of treatments associated with:
• Potential clinical benefit
• Potential lack of clinical benefit
• Undetermined clinical benefit
• Toxicity
• Tradenames, therapeutic classes, official indications
• Approval status for the type

Clinical trials

List of all clinical trials associated with certain features of the molecular profile of the patient.


List of all publications and links related to the patient’s molecular profile used in the report.

Your molecular profiling results

Medical information

• High definition image of the tumor sample
• Clinical form with patient clinical data
• Cancer type and stage

Next generation sequencing

Complete list of variants and their biological and therapeutical impact
• List of genes sequenced
• MSI (microsatellite instability)
• TMB (tumor mutational burden)
• Alphalist: Biomarkers associated with FDA and/or EMA approved drugs with pharmacogenomic information on their labels as well as variants associated with clinical resistance or sensitivity for FDA/EMA approved drugs

Additional tests

• Immunohistochemistry (for chemotherapy, targeted therapy or immunotherapy)
• Unusual splicing and methylation
• Translocations or fusions


The immunogram shows the potential response of each patient to immunotherapy. It is created from (1) the percentage of PD-L1 positive tumor cells, (2) the percentage of infiltrated CD8+ T cells, (3) the level of tumor mutational burden, (4) the microsatellite stability status of the tumor (5) the presence of mutations associated with either sensitivity or resistance to immunotherapy.

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Other solutions we have developed for your needs

Complete solution integrating the analysis of solid and liquid biopsies

OncoDEEP analyses solid biopsies by combining nextgeneration sequencing (313 genes), IHCs to study protein expression and additional tests. This complete tumor profiling allows to predict patient response to approved or experimental targeted drugs, immunotherapies and chemotherapies. The NGS panel is accurately designed according to oncologists’ needs in their current practice. Importantly, it also includes an accurate determination of MSI, TMB and LOH. The NGS panel is regularly updated based on new findings reported in literature in order to provide patients with the most cost-effective solution.

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Complete solution integrating the analysis of solid and liquid biopsies

OncoSTRAT&GO is an integrated approach that combines the analyses of a solid biopsy (by next-generation sequencing (313 genes), IHCs and additional tests) with the analysis of a blood biopsy. The blood profiling focuses either on the circulating tumor DNA (for deciphering tumor heterogeneity) or in DNA from blood cells (for studying specific germline gene alterations related to BRCAness phenotype that are challenging to detect in FFPE samples). OncoSTRAT&GO establishes a complete genetic profile of the tumor, which can be used to identify sensitivity or resistance to targeted therapies, chemotherapies and immunotherapies.

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Smart and cost-effective liquid biopsy panels with selected key genes per tumor type

OncoSELECT is a fast and minimally invasive analysis of circulating tumor DNA from a blood sample. It is the perfect solution to identify therapeutic options for cancer patients not able to have their tumor biopsied or whose biopsy is too old. It can be used as a tool to detect treatment resistance to targeted therapies (before first-line to check the heterogeneity of the disease, or during/after treatment to check for acquired resistance mutations), as well as for monitoring cancer progression.

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Personalized liquid biopsy for patients monitoring

OncoTRACE by OncoDNA is a test based on circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in liquid biopsies (principally blood). It is used to monitor the progression of the tumor (burden of the disease) and to detect lack of response or resistance to treatment as soon as it appears.

This assay is customized for each patient, as it contains personal cancer-specific markers and variants identified in a previous genomic analysis.

In 2013 OncoDNA became the first company to personalise a specific OncoTRACE by OncoDNA test for every patient (a recent publication in 2017 in Nature demonstrates the efficacy of such an approach). Chrisie et al Journal of Clinical Oncology 35, no. 12 (April 20, 2017) 1274-1280.

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