From molecular fingerprinting of the tumour to a personalised treatment strategy

A combination of different molecular techniques is key to reach clinical benefit

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What is the current situation in oncology practice?

We have developed solutions specially designed for your needs!

We use a combination of the most relevant molecular technologies and  bioinformatic approaches to support oncologists and NGS labs in their decisions about patient treatment.

Screening more than the usual suspects!

We have developed a unique and powerful combination of techniques (next-generation sequencing of large gene panels and immunohistochemistry analyses, among others) for therapeutic decision-making. We perform these tests on liquid or solid biopsies, analysing relevant somatic or germline alterations.

Solid biopsy profiling

Our first solution combining DNA, RNA and protein analyses of a tumour tissue sample.

Solid & liquid biopsy profiling

A complete solution integrating the analysis of solid and liquid biopsies.

Liquid Biopsy Profiling

Smart liquid biopsy panels with selected key genes per tumor type.

Liquid Biopsy Tumor Profiling

The first personalised liquid biopsy in the market.

From molecular complexity to clear decisions!

OncoKDM turns your NGS data into actionable clinical information that you can access via an interactive report. This report includes the NGS quality control results, patient clinical data and variant annotation, as well as treatment and clinical trial options. Moreover, OncoKDM can integrate NGS results with IHC, MSI and TMB data to provide you with an up-to-date and accurate clinical interpretation.

Discover also our Lite offer for OncoKDM.

Our platform OncoSHARE shows you the results of your patient molecular profiling through an online theranostic report that includes a comprehensive biological and clinical interpretation. This report gives you an insight into the most effective treatments according to the unique features of your patient's tumour, taking into account the most relevant scientific information, official cancer guidelines and recruiting clinical trials.

Knowledge-Driven Medicine

Transforming cancer data into knowledge-driven and useful clinical information

Online interface for results reporting

Connecting healthcare professionals and patients

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Prof. Dr. Jesús García-Foncillas
Professor of Oncology
Hospital Universario Fundación Jiménez Díaz - Spain

Thanks to OncoDEEP, we were able to identify a new treatment that would have not been found from routine testing.

Dr. Jean-Loup Mouysset
Clinique Rambot-Provencale - France

Precision medicine is becoming unavoidable for treating cancer. Each patient is unique, and there is a unique way to take care of him/her.