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And deliver the promise of precision medicine in cancer and genetic diseases

From Bench to Bedside

Cracking molecular complexity to bring innovation to the clinics

OncoDNA is a company specializing in precision medicine for the treatment of cancer and other genetic diseases. We are a group of passionate people who have developed a unique portfiolio of smart and personalized solutions to help you see clear through molecular complexity. You can rely on our extensive expertise in genomics and theranostics to collect, explore and interpret the tons of complex data that you need for your research project, clinical trials or clinical decision-making. Together, we can bring therapeutic innovation to the clinics and deliver the best of care to patients. 

Academic researchers

We are dedicated to helping you drive innovation in cancer and genetic diseases. Through a variety of NGS, molecular profiling and bioinformatics services, we can deliver the robust, accurate and reliable data that you need to conduct research projects in a rapid and cost-efficient manner.


Our services focus on helping you to accelerate drug development by providing valuable and high-quality molecular insights in a fast turnaround time to fully characterize a patient, facilitate patient matching to clinical trials and monitor therapeutic response in real time.

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Treating advanced cancer or cancer of unknown primary can be challenging. Our biomarker testing solutions are designed to help you spot the molecular weaknesses of a solid tumor, predict resistance to cancer therapies, identify the most effective cancer treatment options and monitor your patient's response to therapy in real time.

A Look Behind the Scenes

OncoDNA is a genomic and theranostic company specializing in precision medecine for the treatment of cancer and genetic diseases. OncoDNA is now a group of companies with two entities: IntegraGen and BioSequence.

A Complete Solution to Provide Molecular Insights

From treatment selection to cancer monitoring

Our oncology biomarker tests help to better understand the molecular complexity of solid tumors. They use next-generation sequencing and advanced bioinformatics to collect powerful data and turn them into strategies. They can inform the selection of the most effective cancer treatment options (including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy or clinical trials) for patients diagnosed with an advanced solid tumor, and support the close monitoring of patient response to treatment.


Comprehensive Biomarker Test

Unique combination of DNA, RNA and protein multi-biomarker analyses on a tumor tissue to support clinical decisions at cancer diagnosis or cancer progression.

Targeted Liquid Biopsy 


Fast and minimally invasive blood test that targets cancer-specific panels of circulating biomarkers to support clinical decisions for lung cancer, colorectal cancer and breast cancer patients.

Personalized Liquid Biopsy 


Fast and minimally invasive blood test that targets a patient-specific panel of circulating biomarkers to monitor cancer progression in real time and detect lack of response or resistance to treatment.

From whole genome sequencing to targeted gene sequencing

We offer a broad variety of NGS services to support the progress of your research. Our genomic services are performed by IntegraGen, an OncoDNA group company specializing in the genomics of cancer and genetic diseases. Backed by highly competent and qualified teams, IntegraGen is a leading player in next-generation sequencing which has been operating sequencing platforms for research institutes of excellence for over 10 years.


NGS Test for Cancer Research


Deep sequencing analysis of comprehensive cancer gene panel for the exploration of tumor tissue samples.

DNA Sequencing


Exome, whole genome and custom gene panel sequencing services for cancer and rare diseases.



Cost-effective and high-throughput services to analyze genome-wide methylation profiles.



RNA sequencing services to precisely measure gene expression signatures in tissue samples or liquid biopsies.

SNP Genotyping


Cost-effective and flexible services to interrogate 10’s to millions SNP markers in a timely manner.

From reagents to data analysis

Our tumor profiling kits are designed to help laboratories to adopt comprehensive tissue-based biomarker testing in-house. The kits offer a complete workflow solution to screen a tumor tissue for hundreds of biomarkers associated with precision medicines and to analyze the data in full autonomy. Even laboratories with limited bioinformatics capabilities will have all the tools required to advise oncologists in the selection of the most effective and personalized treatments for their cancer patients.

Comprehensive Biomarker Testing Kit for Your Lab


Unique workflow solution that integrates OncoDEEP pan-cancer NGS assay and bioinformatics tools for in-house comprehensive biomarker testing of solid tumors.

Liquid Biopsy Kit


Solution to come soon.

Advanced data management, exploration and interpretation

We have developed a complete portfolio of secure online platforms to help you analyze your sequencing data quickly and easily, match them with the latest therapies in oncology, build personalized reports and engage with a community of healthcare professionals.


Clinical Decision Support for clinical use


Secured interface reporting the clinical recommendations resulting from our biomarker tests and connecting you with other cancer professionals.

NGS data interpretation for clinical use


Interactive platform that transforms the raw NGS data coming from your lab into clear clinical guidance for late stage cancer patients.

NGS data interpretation for research use


User-friendly interface to quickly and intuitively analyze DNA and RNA sequencing data from tumor samples, including FFPE and cf-DNA.

RNA-Seq Data Exploration for research use


Intuitive app for the dynamic exploration of RNA sequencing data, enabling navigation intro expression profile, immediate analysis, annotations and data exportation.

Genomic Consulting


Tailored consulting and support for an advanced biostatistical and bioinformatic analysis of genomic data ranging from the initial design of genomic research projects to the detailed evaluation of research results.

NGS Data Exploration for research use


Cloud-based app for a tailored and in-depth analysis of the whole genome, whole exome and gene panel sequencing data when exploring genetic diseases.

They trust our expertise

Sonia Pernas
Medical Oncology Department - Head of Breast Cancer Unit
Institut Català d’Oncologia, Spain

Given the expertise of OncoDNA in delivering solutions in precision medicine, we initiated this collaboration with enthusiasm with the aim of developing a specific SOLTI OncoKDM solution integrating any kind of molecular data that might reveal unappreciated vulnerabilities in the tumours of AGATA patients, allowing us to tailor much better their treatment options.

Byung Chul Kim, Ph.D.
Clinomics Inc., South Korea

Compared to its competitors, OncoKDM includes patient-centred features that enable oncologists to recommend and make the right treatment decisions according to patient's data and medical history. Moreover, OncoKDM is user-friendly and easy to use, another advantage!