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OncoDNA announces a new partnership in Korea with Clinomics.Inc.

Seoul, Gosselies, March 27th

OncoDNA announces a new partnership in Korea with Clinomics.Inc.

Seoul, Gosselies, March 27th, OncoDNA is delighted to announce a new partnership with Clinomics.Inc. Clinomics is a Biotechnology company offering to hospitals, precision medicine and cancer diagnostic services based on next-generation DNA sequencing in liquid biopsies.

OncoDNA mission is to deliver oncologists and patients with robust, clinically validated treatment options via the most comprehensive molecular characterization and a proprietary knowledge database.



Therefore, as part of its strategy, this great opportunity will aim OncoDNA to release its Next-Generation Sequencing interpretation platform, OncoKDM, in Asia. OncoKDM, state of the art interpretation platform dedicated to the oncology will help clinicians to turn sequencing data into knowledge-driven medicine. Both companies will conjugate their expertise to bring the best cancer management solution in Korea.



Jean-Pol Detiffe said: ”I’m very proud to work with Clinomics in South Korea after a trial of more than one year. South Korea is an advanced country where DNA sequencing of cancer patients is reimbursed by the state. In this collaboration, we are doing interpretation at distance via our SAAS solution OncoKDM and so we deliver cancer treatment recommendations using our interpretation tools and knowledge database for Korean patients!


Dr. Kim said:” Cancer genome analysis in OncoDNA is very valuable for the right treatment of cancer patients. Clinomics adds liquid biopsy technology to OncoDNA products. This collaboration will be very competitive and successful for cancer diagnostics business in Korea. ”


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About OncoDNA

OncoDNA is a private, oncology-focused healthcare technology company that combines advanced, comprehensive testing of all clinically relevant cancer biomarkers (DNA, RNA and protein profiles) from both solid and liquid biopsies with a proprietary cancer treatment knowledge database called OncoKDO that continuously ‘learns’ from cutting-edge, validated, scientific and medical advances. This one-stop-shop analysis and interpretation service gives oncologists actionable results to enable the selection of treatments tailored to an individual patient’s cancer profile.


OncoDNA also works in collaboration with the biopharma industry to develop and deliver the treatments of tomorrow by assisting with design, enrolment, and assessment of clinical trials as well as increasing access to approved precision medicines. The company is based in Gosselies, Belgium, and employs c.55 employees in four countries. For more information please visit


About Clinomics Inc.


Clinomics are a liquid biopsy diagnostics company that develops and commercializes proprietary CTC and ctDNA assays, which provide valuable information to oncologists for personalized medicine when traditional methodologies such as tissue biopsies are insufficient or unavailable. Our assays have the potential to provide more information on the characteristics of a patients’ disease compared with traditional methodologies such as tissue biopsy and imaging.


Our current assays and our planned future assays focus on key solid tumor indications utilizing our CD-PRIME offering for the biomarker analysis of CTCs, ctDNA, and EVs from a standard blood sample. Our patented CD-PRIME offering is based on an internally developed Lab-on-a-disc-based cancer cell capture and analysis platform, with enabling features that change how CTC testing is used by clinicians. We provide 3 kinds of biomarker detection as well as monitoring capabilities and require only a patient blood sample.


Our Cancer-PRIME enables mutation detection with enhanced sensitivity and specificity, and is applicable to nucleic acid from ctDNA or other sample types, such as CTCs, red blood cells, or cerebrospinal fluid. We believe that our platform technology has the potential to be developed and commercialized as in vitro diagnostic (IVD) test kits, and we are currently pursuing this option.