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Precision and personalized medicine is already a reality and is now accessible to cancer patients in the UK

OncoDNA, the Cancer Theranostic Company, announced today that Everything Genetic Ltd. will market and distribute OncoDNA’s complete solution portfolio in the United Kingdom. The whole range of OncoDNA’ services are now available for clinical use.

Oncologists and patients in the UK will have access to high-tech molecular profiling solutions that combine liquid and solid biopsies assays aspiring to improve the lives of patients with metastatic cancer. Precision and personalized medicine is already a reality and is now accessible to cancer patients in the UK.

“With the recent advances in liquid biopsy testing and immunotherapy, we believe our solutions do bring new insight and useful clinical information to oncologists. As we are also present with our own salesforce in the UK, this is a daily collaboration with Everything Genetic Ltd, to optimize the local service to the oncologists, patients and insurance companies. The first success has been achieved as one of the biggest private insurance companies has approved our service to support their patients in the battle against their disease”, says Nico Coen, Sales Manager UK, Benelux, DACH at OncoDNA.

“It is a great pleasure and a perfect fit for EGL to represent OncoDNA in the UK market! With OncoDNA products already in great demand in the UK, and through this agreement, doctors and patients will receive an easy access to this tool to fight cancer. We hope for a long-term and fruitful cooperation. Our main focus is the logistical and administrative part, as the promotional part is mainly done by OncoDNA. Of course our salesforce will be fully trained on the services to answer questions when facing oncologists.” says James Price, CEO and founder of Everything Genetic Ltd.

In case of questions both parties can be contacted:

James Price, Everything Genetic Ltd: ; +44 7495 981816

Dershna Lad, OncoDNA: ; +44 7900 073839

About Everything Genetic Ltd.:

Everything Genetic Ltd enables diagnostic, prognostic and theranostic-focused companies to rapidly assess and gain access to the UK IVD markets. We cover breast, ovarian, colorectal and urological cancers. We offer simple business consultancy-based support or deeper level distributor sales support or a combination of the two. Everything Genetic Ltd offers a solution to many of the issues facing patients and health professionals alike.

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