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OncoDNA launches projects ARCHE and MONCODANEUM with a total budget of €16m thanks to support from the Walloon Region (Belgium)

Launch of two innovative projects

OncoDNA, European leader in precision cancer medicine, is launching two innovative projects with the support of the Belgian Walloon Region. The projects are ARCHE (€6m budget), whose objective is to demonstrate, in a study of over 1200 patients, the clinical utility of OncoDNA solutions for 3 cancers, and MONCODANEUM (€10m budget), which will enable OncoDNA to launch OncoKDM, its SaaS solution, throughout Europe, and connect all the cancer treatment centers to the solution and its innovative interpretation.




It has become extremely complex for oncologists to define the best treatment and monitoring strategies, given all the data generated by the analysis of the tumor and other markers. The Belgian, Paul Otlet, already understood this in the early 20th century with his Mundaneum (a precursor to the Internet in paper form), as did the American, Larry Page, at the end of the 20th century with Google. It’s only integrated knowledge, not merely an accumulation of raw data, which will meet the oncology challenges of the 21st century.

This is where the MONCODANEUM project comes in. Its objective is to integrate and interpret all the information, such as from DNA sequencing, the analysis of tumor markers and imaging, generated from a tumor, taking account not only of cost, but also time and ergonomic constraints and the ultimate utility for the oncologist. The MONCODANEUM project involves putting online OncoKDM, an SaaS which connects up with all the data generated by different cancer treatment centers worldwide. Pilot projects are already under way, especially with the SOLTI group.

MONCODANEUM will help to speed up the worldwide distribution of OncoKDM. Jean-Claude MARCOURT, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Research, has approved a sum of 5.2 million euros to go towards the overall budget for the project of 10 million euros.


ARCHE is an ambitious innovative project whose aim is to demonstrate, via three prospective studies, the clinical effectiveness of combining complex analyses of the tumor using OncoDEEP&TRACE and monitoring of tumor recurrence using OncoTRACE.

To achieve this, solid biopsies (samples of the primary or metastatic tumor) and liquid biopsies (blood samples) from over 1200 patients with lung, bladder or esophageal cancer will be analyzed. The patients will be monitored using OncoTRACE (by analysis of the blood) and the results of the double blinded study will be compared with the standard of care. The objectives are firstly to increase the therapeutic response by 50% and secondly to increase survival by 20%.

The project will enable OncoDNA to refine its predictive tools to help oncologists choose the most suitable treatment as rapidly as possible. The effectiveness of this precision medicine will also mean that health care organizations would be able to save substantial amounts of money.

Jean-Claude MARCOURT, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Research, has approved a sum of 3.85 million euros to go towards the overall budget for the project of 6 million euros.