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OncoDNA confirms its strategy for growth in Europe

The business operation took place two years after Biosequence became the exclusive distributor for OncoDNA in Spain.

OncoDNA, a European leader in targeted medicine in cancer, is acquiring BioSequence, a specialist in advanced genomic analysis in all types of cancer. With this, OncoDNA confirms its strategy for growth in Europe.

Jean-Pol Detiffe, Founder and CEO of OncoDNA: “This acquisition is part of OncoDNA’s strategy for growth, linked with our recent capital increase. We are well aware of the BioSequence team’s abilities and professionalism, and we have complete confidence in its potential.”

Through OncoDNA, BioSequence can now offer new tests which provide more complete information, like OncoSTRAT&GO® which allows tumour analysis from a tissue sample (solid biopsy: primary tumour biopsy or metastasis) or from a blood sample (liquid biopsy) in order to gain a complete panoramic view of each tumour’s characteristics.

Adriana Terradez, biotechnologist, Co-Founder and CEO of BioSequence for Spain, Portugal and Latin America: “Becoming part of OncoDNA is a very motivating challenge. Now we have more resources available to explore new ways of combating cancer, while extending our services in Portugal and Latin America.”

The BioSequence team will work closely with OncoDNA’s commercial team to transfer their expertise gained in the Spanish market. It will also extend its activities by opening up Portugal and Latin America. BioSequence is continuing in its mission to provide oncologists and their patients with an ever-improving treatment of cancer through personalised medicine.