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AMBIOS will market and distribute OncoDNA’s solutions to oncologists and their patients in Venezuela, Panama, Dominican Republic and Argentina

OncoDNA, the Cancer Theranostic Company, announced today that it has inked a distribution agreement with American Bio Services, S.A. (AMBIOS), a company that distributes a wide range of high-quality products and international medical services in the field of biotechnologies in Latin America. AMBIOS will market and distribute OncoDNA’s solutions to oncologists and their patients in Venezuela, Panama, Dominican Republic and Argentina.

Oncologists from those countries will have access to the most advanced and high-tech molecular profiling program that combines liquid and solid biopsies analyses aspiring to improve the lives of patients with metastatic cancer. Patients will benefit from a personalized medicine based on today’s most comprehensive tumour profiling solution. “OncoDNA is pursuing its international expansion by entering into a strategic alliance with a highly professional, reliable and committed partner. AMBIOS will undoubtedly be our best ally to overcome challenges and thanks to their cross-borders connections and presence, the company will propose OncoDNA’s solutions in a fast, effective and trustworthy way to all their networks. Their high-quality standards will allow cancer patients to benefit from today’s best care in oncology.”, says Fiona Demol, International Business Development Manager at OncoDNA.

“We are very proud of our alliance with OncoDNA and to form part of such a prestigious group. Likewise, the presence of OncoDNA represents a significant advance in the diagnosis and prognosis of patients and medical oncologists in LATAM. OncoDNA innovated with the inclusion of a test like OncoTRACE that allows to monitor by liquid biopsy the response of a patient to treatment, as well as to determine the recurrence of a tumor. For AMBIOS it´s a pleasure to be a pioneer of this advanced technology of OncoDNA.” Says German Ruiz, Executive manager at AMBIOS.

If you are a medical doctor from the region (Venezuela, Panama, Dominican Republic or Argentina) and you would like to discuss about a project or collaboration opportunity, please contact OncoDNA’s local coordinators:

German Ruiz or Andres Axmacher at + / +58.414.316.52.58 / +58.414.140.1546 / (305).320.91.96


American Bio Services, S.A. (AMBIOS), is a company that groups diverse representations of international medical products and services in the area of Biotechnology. Our mission is to provide doctors and patients throughout Latin America access to the different diagnostic services of advanced technologies.

For more than 10 years in Venezuela we have represented a group of different brands in cryo preservation services of stem cells, fetal DNA testing and more recently specialized tests in the area of Molecular Biology for the diagnosis and prognosis of tumors.

We offer a variety of high technology solutions that allow the physician to improve the lives of their patients. Our personalized anatomy pathological services have the strategic alliance with OncoDNA. This allows us to study in combination liquid and solid biopsies to improve and customize treatments based on the most advanced tumor analyses.