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OncoDNA announces uptake of reimbursement for key products among leading UK insurers

Gosselies, Belgium – 9 May 2018

Evident trend towards payor endorsement of products that support precision medicine in the UK

OncoDNA(“OncoDNA or “the Company”), the healthcare technology company that collates and translates complex cancer biomarker data to make precision medicine a reality, is pleased to announce that its molecular tests – OncoDEEP, OncoSELECT for lung cancer patients (non-small-cell lung carcinoma), and OncoSTRAT&GO – are now being fully reimbursed by a number of leading UK insurers.

OncoDEEP and OncoSELECT are now reimbursed by the majority of private insurers in the UK, with automatic reimbursement in place for some cases (OncoDEEP when used for late stage metastatic cancers that have previously undergone standard treatments, and OncoSELECT for lung cancer patients). OncoSTRAT&GO, a test that combines the solid and liquid biopsy analyses from OncoDEEP and OncoSELECT, is also being reimbursed on a case-by-case basis.

OncoDNA’s tests combine advanced, comprehensive testing of cancer biomarkers with a proprietary cancer treatment knowledge database, enabling oncologists to make informed therapeutic decisions and provide patients with the most suitable and individually-tailored treatments available.

Jean-Pol Detiffe, Chief Executive Officer of OncoDNA, commented: “We are pleased to announce that a number of OncoDNA’s key products are now covered for reimbursement by the majority of private insurers in the UK. This illustrates the increasing trend towards support for precision medicine among payors in the healthcare sector and the growing awareness of our pioneering molecular testing products. OncoDNA is the only genomic profiling company with a proprietary, comprehensive database able to interpret all clinically relevant cancer biomarkers from both solid and liquid biopsies, allowing the tailored and precise treatment of cancers while also enabling critical cost savings for healthcare systems. OncoDNA’s expansion in the UK highlights the need for a pioneering cancer analysis offering, and we are excited to continue building our network among physicians and payors.”

James Price, CEO of Everything Genetic Ltd, the distributor of OncoDNA’s products in the UK, commented:“We are delighted to be working with OncoDNA to provide its diagnostics tests across the UK. By providing easy access to these tests, our collaboration offers value for money and gives patients and physicians the power to make the best possible therapeutic decisions. Reimbursement for innovative genetic profiling diagnostics tools is growing and we look forward to building on our partnership with OncoDNA to expand the offering of precision medicine tools in the UK.”


About OncoDNA

OncoDNA is a private, oncology-focused healthcare technology company that combines advanced, comprehensive testing of all clinically relevant cancer biomarkers (DNA, RNA and protein profiles) from both solid and liquid biopsies with a proprietary cancer treatment knowledge database called OncoKDMTM that continuously ‘learns’ from cutting-edge, validated, scientific and medical advances.

This one-stop-shop analysis and interpretation service gives oncologists actionable results to enable the selection of treatments tailored to an individual patient’s cancer profile. OncoDNA also works in collaboration with the biopharma industry to develop and deliver the treatments of tomorrow by assisting with design, enrolment and assessment of clinical trials as well as increasing access to approved precision medicines. The company is based in Gosselies, Belgium, and employs c. 55 employees in four countries. For more information please visit


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