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OncoDEEP, an innovative tool to define new treatment options

This is the first solution developed by OncoDNA™. Results from tumor analyses done using this solution can give the oncologist information on the treatments which are most likely to be successful. Analyses are done on solid biopsies (biopsies of primary or metastatic tumors).

It’s the first test on the market which carries out analyses on both a solid biopsy (a small piece of the tumor) and a liquid biopsy (a blood sample) in parallel. Data generated from the next generation (or high throughput) sequencing and data from molecular pathology analyses included in our Package Plus, e.g. immunohistochemistry tests, are then interpreted. All this means that OncoDNA, via its interactive web platform OncoSHARE, can provide oncologists with a more complete list of more robust treatments which could be beneficial to their patients.

How long does it take to get the results?

After OncoDNA has received everything necessary (samples, medical information and payment), the report is usually sent within 7 to 10 working days, depending on the analysis prescribed.

Who is this test for?

OncoDEEP was designed to be used in adults with metastatic cancers, on all types of solid tumors such as cancers of the breast, ovary, lungs, colon, stomach, etc. Even if OncoDEEP is generally prescribed for patients whose standard treatments have failed or for those with a very aggressive form of cancer or a metastatic cancer, we see that more and more oncologists and/or patients ask for this test very early on in the development of the disease. An OncoDEEP test can therefore be done regardless of the ongoing treatment or treatment already received.


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