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OncoTRACE: Customized monitoring

First in the world, a unique advance in the treatment of cancer! Thanks to OncoTRACE, its new test carried out on a blood sample, the company OncoDNA is changing the way a patient is monitored and how his or her disease is treated.


On 27 April 2016, OncoDNA has launched its new product called OncoTRACE. It’s the first test in the world which is really personalized. It uses a blood sample to monitor the progression of a patient’s tumor and to rapidly assess treatment effectiveness. The purpose of this innovative, non-invasive test is to sequence circulating tumor DNA, that is genetic material which has escaped from the tumor and is found in the blood. OncoTRACE is the logical follow-up to OncoDEEP . During the first OncoDEEP 1 analysis, the specific characteristics of the tumor, i.e. the mutations present, are identified. With OncoTRACE, a test is done on a blood sample and the mutations can be monitored. At the same time, the appearance of new mutations linked to treatment resistance can be tracked. The results obtained from this much less invasive technique can therefore monitor the evolution of the tumor, evaluate treatment effectiveness and hence identify any recurrence earlier than classic

technologies can at present. The analysis can be done several times, depending on the clinical protocol chosen by the oncologist. Based on this new information OncoDNA can suggest other treatment options if necessary.

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