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OncoKDM: Because Knowledge is more powerful than just data

OncoDNA just launched OncoKDM, an online platform that allows the different cancer treatment facilities around the world to benefit from the expertise of OncoDNA to interpret their sequencing data together with other tests performed in their laboratory.

On May 3rd 2017, OncoDNA launched their new solution, OncoKDM. KDM means Knowlegde Driven Medicine. This SaaS application will allow any cancer treatment facility to have their data interpreted with the help of the experts at OncoDNA, using their proprietary algorithms and unique knowledge database. Oncologists from around the world are now able to receive a detailed and interactive report that contains essential information which should help them in selecting the right treatment to fight each patient’s tumour.

OncoKDM can provide daily support to oncologists and laboratory heads, since it can process a considerable volume of data, received in different formats, in record time. Whether it’s DNA variants, RNA profiles or protein information, OncoKDM interprets the raw data remotely via a secure online platform. OncoKDM also performs QC on the raw data, analyses it and makes the biological and clinical interpretation. Then it creates a detailed, interactive and customisable report. This report contains all the necessary information for guiding the oncologist to the best therapy options for his/her patient.

Should it be within a single laboratory/hospital or at the level of a research consortium where different labs, using different technologies are generating data of different types, OncoKDM is the ideal solution to centralize, standardize and integrate those data and deliver precision medicine knowledge.

OncoKDM Discovery is a solution which allows scientists to test the platform for free and get 5 samples analysed…

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