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OncoDNA and NM Genomix Sign Distribution Agreement for Bulgaria

Gosselies, Belgium – February 15, 2018

NM Genomix will market and distribute OncoDNA’s solutions to oncologists and their patients in Bulgaria.

OncoDNA, the Cancer Theranostic Company, said today that it has signed a distribution agreement with NM Genomix (Bulgaria). NM Genomix is offering an extensive range of molecular and genetic tests in accordance with the recent European standards. NM Genomix will market and distribute OncoDNA’s solutions to oncologists and their patients in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian oncologists will have access to the OncoDNA’s advanced and high-tech molecular profiling program that combines liquid and solid biopsies analyses aspiring to improve the lives of patients with metastatic cancer. Patients will benefit from the personalized medicine approach based on the most comprehensive tumor profiling solution.

“Making sure that cancer patients receive the best possible treatment at the right time is our priority. This new collaboration with NMGenomics is very exciting and promises to open new horizons to both patients and doctors. We feel we have the right partner to raise awareness on advanced cancer genomics solutions among Bulgarian oncologists and our joint actions will surely allow healthcare professionals to access to our unique knowledge platform OncoSHARE containing multiple levels of support to guide their treatment decision making, thereby improving the quality of cancer patients care”, says Fiona Demol, International Business Development Manager at OncoDNA.

“We are pleased to expand our genetic tests portfolio with OncoDNA’s products since instruments of personalized medicine are especially needed in fighting cancer diseases.  Offering OncoDNA’s state-of-the-art molecular profiling program fits our mission to transform traditional treatment paradigms and to provide our patients with the best solutions for improving their outcomes and lives” Says Rossitsa Petrova, Marketing Manager, at NM Genomix.

If you would like to know more on molecular profiling for cancer, please contact NM Genomix (OncoDNA’s distributor in Bulgaria): +359 2 865 01 06,

About NM Genomix

NM Genomix is a medical practice with nearly 10 years’ experience, operating in the field of personalized medicine in the last 5 years. Integrating innovative medical products and services, we strive to provide our patients access to the highest standards in health care. Our team consists of businessmen, molecular biologists and geneticists, biotechnologists and bio-IT specialists as your personal partners and consultants in genetics and personalization of your treatment.

Our strategy is to build stable partnerships with the best clinics and laboratories over the country in order to provide high quality healthcare service for each patient. 

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