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SHCHURKO A.V. will market and distribute OncoDNA’s complete solutions portfolio in Belarus.

OncoDNA, the Cancer Theranostic Company, announced today that SHCHURKO A.V. will market and distribute OncoDNA’s complete solutions portfolio in Belarus. The whole range of OncoDNA’ services are now available for clinical use.

Belarusian oncologists and patients will have access to high-tech molecular profiling solutions that combine liquid and solid biopsies assays aspiring to improve the lives of patients with metastatic cancer. Precision and personalized medicine is already a reality and is now accessible to Belarusian metastatic cancer patients.

“With the recent advances in liquid biopsy testing and immunotherapy, we believe our solutions do bring new insight and useful clinical information to oncologists. Through our fast turnaround time and expert reports, our tests can also accelerate time to treatment, which is often of the essence for cancer patients. We are very happy to be able to offer our tests to cancer patients in Belarus through this agreement with Shchurko A.V.”,says Fiona Demol, International Business Development Manager at OncoDNA.

“It is a great honor for me to represent OncoDNA in the Belarusian market! I am confident that OncoDNA products will be in demand in Belarus, and doctors and patients will receive an additional tool for fighting cancer. We hope for long-term and fruitful cooperation.”saysAndrei Shchurko, CEO and founder.

If you are a medical doctor from Belarus and you would like to discuss about a project or collaboration opportunity, please contact OncoDNA’s local coordinator:

Mr. Andrei Shchurko


Tel: +375 (33) 312-26-88

About Shchurko A.V.

Shchurgo A.V. is engaged in the creation and development of a support center for cancer patients in Belarus and promote the development in the field of molecular genetics and bioinformatics. Its mission is to create and introduce into the clinical practice the tools of personalized medicine.