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There may be different options for financing your molecular profiling test

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A growing list of countries

Our tests are reimbursed in a growing number of countries (see the list below). The reimbursement depends on your public or private health insurance scheme, and either some or all our tests may be covered. Our solutions may also be available through certain research projects in which your oncologist may be taking part in.

Bupa Global, Nuffield Health, BMI Healthcare...
In the United Kingdom, OncoSTRAT&GO is reimbursed for patients insured by Bupa Global (using the code 7331B), Nuffield Health, BMI Healthcare and others.

The Liberal Mutuality Namur Hainaut
The Liberal Mutuality Namur Hainaut is financing 50% of OncoDEEP and partially OncoSTRA&GO.

Financing the tests with “La Cagnotte de Proches”
OncoDNA signed a partnership with “La Cagnotte des Proches” in order to help patients in Belgium and France finance their molecular profiling tests. La Cagnotte Des Proches is an online crowdfunding site with the moto: Patients must no longer suffer the financial consequences of an illness, especially when their survival or well-being is at stake.

MDLUX2, a molecular diagnostics program from the INC 
OncoDNA was selected as the provider of molecular diagnostic services for the program MDLUX2 from the INC (Institut National du Cancer), funded by IBBL (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg), the Fondation Cancer and the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner.
Hundreds of patients are expected to benefit from the program over three years.

Lonpac Insurance Bhd
Secure Cancer Care is a specific medical services insurance policy (from Lonpac Insurance Bhd) that pays for the laboratory preparation of tissue samples for molecular profiling, treatment recommendation and subsequent follow-up monitoring. All those services are offered by OncoDNA, their preferred provider.

They may also be available through certain research projects in which your oncologist may taking part. In any case, talk to your oncologist and to your insurance provider for additional information.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

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