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When 60 years expertise serving patient’s health can assist Biopharma’s drug development

Based on 60 years cancer diagnostic expertise, 30 years of molecular pathology and 10 years next generation sequencing, OncoDNA’s services to Biopharma are articulated around 4 pillars: Clinical Testing, Precision Enrolment,  Precision Biospecimen and Knowledge Driven Medicine.


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Clinical testing

Exclusive Molecular Tools Making the Difference

Among other standard clinical testing tools, OncoDNA has developed two exclusive solutions to improve the characterization clinical trial’s patients and to ease treatment monitoring. These approaches are of course of interest in planned or up-and-running trials but also to have a comprehensive restrospectively analysis of patients’ samples collected during the trial.




Personalized ctDNA Assay

Clinical Testing

NGS and Molecular Pathology Stand-alone or Integrated Assay

OncoDNA’s services to patients are built around two distinct technologies: NGS to test nucleic acids and IHC assays to visualize and measure protein expression in the tumor cells.
Both technologies are part of our standard Biopharma service portfolio to characterize patients in clinical trials. Beside our standard gene and biomarker panels, we expand this offer with extra off-the-shell assays and/or with custom assay development services.

Providing these two approches through a single central lab will lead to faster design and optimized performance during the trial, reducing shipment costs and potential logistic issues.


immunogram Next Generation Sequencing


Other Molecular Pathology assays

Precision BioSpecimen

A whole patient case in a biological sample


Using our Precision Biospecimen solution, you’re not only collecting information from the past related to the sample, you are also collecting information from the future: the patient from which the sample is collected is still alive and a constant disease and treatment monitoring can be performed on demand.

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Precision Enrollment

Meet your recruitment targets & deadlines by granting treatment access to fully characterized patients


More and more oncology clinical trials do not meet enrollment deadlines and they sometime do fail to meet recruitment targets. Increase in the number of clinical trials, increase in the complexity of the patient to be recruited make that patient enrollment has become a cucial aspect of clinical trials in oncology. Thanks to its extensive oncology network and patient testing services, OncoDNA can bring together those patients searching access to treatment and the recruiting clinical trials.

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Turn your data into knowledge

OncoKDM: Make it your data interpretation pipeline, from patient to trials meta-analyses


Based on its expertise in giving sense to molecular data obtained from individual cancer patient tested in routine, OncoDNA has developed a specific environment to allow clinical data integration and interpretation. Clinical background, treatment history, molecular characterization data, treatment arm, clinical outcomes, … so many different types of data OncoDNA can extract knowledge from.

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Transform our tools in your solutions

NGS or IHC Biomarker Discovery, Validation & Clinical Testing

desc_ngs_biomarkerUtilizing the existing OncoDNA gene panels (from 75 to 409 genes) and molecular pathology panels (in a catalog of more than 100 IHCs, FISH,…) or starting from data generated by third parties (WES, WGS,…).

Patient Stratification And Targeted Enrollment


Testing the expression of a drug target, searching for the presence of an activating mutation or combining NGS and IHC to confirm the presence and/or activity of a key marker at DNA and protein level.

Pan-Cancer And Pan-Technology CDx Development, Validation And Testing


Any combination of genes, alterations, genomic characteristics and/or molecular pathology biomarkers can be developed for partners as a clinical trial assay (CTA).

Data Mining And Clinical Data Integration For Special Responder Characterization


Patterns search using clinical and real world data, OncoKDM database system and proprietary algorithm, machine learning approach, …

Mechanism Of Action And Mechanism Of Resistance Elucidation


Accelerated using ctDNA monitoring and combining genomic and proteomic tools coupled with the data to knowledge approach of OncoKDO.

New Therapeutic Indication Exploration


Based on molecular characterization of the disease, on off label follow-up data in our database and on real or virtual basket trial results.

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