Next Generation Sequencing


What we do with Next Generation Sequencing ?

OncoDNA uses Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) to test cancer biospecimens for DNA and RNA assessment.

Sequencing DNA allows us to question 3 classes of genomic alterations known to be relevant in solid tumors :

  • Somatic point mutations
  • Indels (insertions or deletions of bases)
  • Copy number variations (CNVs


The 4th class of genomic alterations, translocations/gene fusions/rearrangements, is tested through RNA sequencing. RNA sequencing can also be used to perform expression profiling analyses.

What technology do we use ?

Routinely, OncoDNA runs all 3 devices from Thermo Fisher Scientific using Ion Torrent™ sequencing technology: Ion PGM, Ion Proton and Ion S5 XL Systems.


For specific projects, we can also run Illumina devices.

  • From single gene to complete panel
  • On demand target with validated panels or customized panel design
  • Using solid tumor (FFPE block or slides) and/or liquid biopsy (blood, urine, CSF, saliva, …)
  • From sample to biological and clinical interpretation
  • AND the most flexible and personalized ctDNA solution


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