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Specific biomarkers need specific assays

Biology is complex, so is the biomarker landscape. Beside molecular alterations that can easily be tested using NGS and/or IHS, a lot of biomarkers require specific technologies/assays to be evaluated. Being technology agnostic / biomarker believer, we have put in place and validated diffrent assays to answer those specific biomarkers

Splice variants: In cancer cells, various splicing alterations have been identified that e.g. eliminate protein domains or enzymatic activities required for efficacy of cancer therapies.

OncoDNA proposes RT-QPCR based assays to test those splice variants amongst which EGFR-VIII, AR-V7, MET Exon 14 Skipping …

Methylation analysis: In glioblastoma, promoter methylation of the gene encoding for MGMT is undoubtedly the genetic fingerprint with highest impact on clinical practice. We offer this biomarker testing through a combination of bisulfite treatment and pyrosequencing for accurate and cost-efficient assessment.

FISH or CISH: While FISH cannot be utilized as a screening test for chromosomal aberrations, FISH has been widely used to identify specific molecular targets with predictive, diagnostic and/or prognostic significance. As an example, HER2 FISH PharmDx Kit still is a companion diagnostic for some HER2 inhibitors.

PCR – QPCR – dPCR: OncoDNA has developed a large selection of validated PCR based methods and assays and PCR platforms to support your development and clinical needs.

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