Precision BioSpecimen

A whole patient case inside a biological sample

Using our Precision Biospecimen solution, you’re not only collecting information from the past related to the sample, you are also collecting information from the future: the patient from which the sample is collected is still alive and a constant disease and treatment monitoring can be performed on demand.


precision biospecimen

Our approach

OncoDNA is operating in 60 countries through direct sales and distributors serving oncologists and their patients in 230 hospitals and cancer centers.

This large footprint enables a strong mobilization of patients identified through individual contacts with oncologists active in the OncoDNA network.

Oncologists identify patients with cancers matching the sponsor needs. These patients are then invited to take a free OncoDNA test in turn of which they agree to provide the biopsy to OncoDNA and its biopharma client for additional characterizations. OncoDNA can perform additional tests, from single genes to complete DNA/RNA panels using solid tumor (FFPE block or slides) and/or liquid biopsy (blood, urine, CSF, saliva, …) combining molecular pathology tools.

OncoDNA reports the analysis results to the patient and to the biopharma client.
Samples remain anonymized during the entire process. The oncologist is the only intermediate able to make the link between the results and the patient ID.

Your benefits

  • OncoDNA can provide characterized samples for your internal research.
  • The sponsor defines the patient eligibility criteria.
  • OncoDNA describes the recruitment plan and activate its network of oncologists.
  • Selected patients are offered a sponsored OncoDNA test through their oncologist.
  • In exchange, the patient is requested to participate in the research project.
  • This agreement is ratified through an informed consent signed by the patient.
  • The biopsy sample is then used to perform one of OncoDNA’s standard tests.
  • The residual biopsy material can be sent to the biopharma for additional internal testing purposes.
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