Turn Your Data Into Knowldege

OncoKDM: Make it your data interpretation pipeline, from single patient to multiple trials

Based on its expertise in giving sense to molecular data obtained from each individual cancer patient tested in routine, OncoDNA has developped a specific environment to allow clinical data integration and interpretation. Clinical background, treatment history, molecular characterization data, treatment arm, clinical outcomes, … so many different types of data OncoDNA can extra knowledge from.


turning data into knowledge

Our approach

OncoKDM is the first personalized bioinformatic assistant that can be customized to your specific needs and your bioinformatics pipeline. It is a highly-secured platform, accessible through the web which will turn your data into useful knowledge, without investment in hardware or IT staff.

OncoKDM can integrate sequencing data from any platform with any other test performed in the laboratory. Through proprietary algorithms, OncoKDM can analyze and integrate the information to enable relevant biological and clinical interpretation.

Your benefits

  • Integrate genomics, molecular pathology, IHC test results, and clinical data.
  • DNA (Ion Torrent, Illumina,…), RNA (microarray, transcriptome), protein (IHC, MS,…)
  • Compatible with third party data sets QC and biomarker calling
  • Centralization: secure and robust web portal giving access to data and interpretation to every eligible partner
  • Customize the bioinformatics pipeline, personalize the report according to your needs and specifications.
  • Standardize your data to simplify further meta-analyses
  • Sharing: Connect with one or a list of collaborators and share and discuss the report remotely and securely to make the right decision
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