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We support Biopharma companies to develop and demonstrate therapy value by matching current and future treatments to the right patient

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The precision medicine solutions for pharmaceutical companies and academic reasearchers

When 60 years expertise serving patient’s health can assist Biopharma’s drug development

Based on 60 years cancer diagnostic expertise, 30 years of molecular pathology and 10 years next generation sequencing, OncoDNA’s services fot clinical trials are: Clinical Testing, Precision Enrolment and Knowledge Driven Medicine.


  • Reducing delays and cost in patient recruitment

  • Accessing a pool of patients fully characterized to serve you R&D and clinical trials

  • Building your CDx strategy using our technical regulator expertise

  • Offering NGS and molecular pahtology as stand-alone or integrated assay

Clinical Testing

Two exclusive solutions to improve the characterisation clinical trial’s patients and to ease treatment monitoring.

Precision Enrollment

Meet your recruitment targets & deadlines by granting treatment access to fully characterised patients.

Knowledge-Driven Medicine

OncoKDM: Make it your data interpretation pipeline, from patient to trials meta-analyses.


We support Biopharma companies driving access to market and provide better outcomes for patients

  • by providing comprehensive genomic profiling to support clinical and treatment decision (CDS)

  • gathering physician practices and patient outcomes efficiently (RWE)

  • facilitating real-time monitoring of genomic and clinical response to treatment (resistance, progression, relapse and residual cancer burden)

  • measuring real impact of a treatment on improved outcomes and quality of care (Clinical Outcome Assessment - COA)

  • improving disease, therapies and market awareness


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M.D. Ph.D Antonio Gualberto
Head of Development and Chief Medical Officer
Kura Oncology - USA

"Aiding physicians to identify HRAS and other mutations in HNSCC is an essential element of Kura’s clinical development strategy. Streamlining screening processes facilitates timely access to important medical information that could help oncologists and their patients in making treatment decisions"

Dr. Alan L. HO
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - USA

The study met its predefined success criteria and has been amended to continue enrolling HRAS mutant HNSCC pts, as well as pts with SCC, other than HNSCC, with HRAS mutations into a new Cohort 3. (ESMO 22 october 2018)