Our Solutions

OncoDNA develops and improves theranostic solutions to offer the best options for treating cancer patients.

Since we launched our first solution in 2014, our innovative approach has been to combine next-generation sequencing (NGS) with immunohistochemistry (IHC). This gives a comprehensive view of the tumor profile, at both DNA and protein levels and opens more therapeutic options for the patient. In 2016, we included liquid biopsy analyses in our solution portfolio, either in combination with solid biopsy analysis or as a stand-alone analysis for diagnostic or monitoring purposes.

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Cost-effective solution combining DNA and protein analysis of a solid tumour sample

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NTRK solution

Focus on the thyroid cancer and on the glioblastoma of children with NTRK

More about NTRK solution


The complete solution integrating the analyses of solid and liquid biopsies

More about OncoSTRAT&GO


Truly personalized monitoring solution from liquid biopsy sample

More about OncoTRACE


Cancer-specific solution from a liquid biopsy sample

More about OncoSELECT

Connecting healthcare professionals and patients

Created in 2015, OncoSHARE is an innovative, interactive online interface for reporting results, sharing experience on drug efficacy and identifying which therapy might work best for each cancer case.

Used worldwide by over 13.000 people either affected by cancer or involved in the fight against cancer, OncoSHARE allows oncologists, patients, and medical and scientific experts to connect with each other, facilitating the sharing of integrated genomic information and therapeutic knowledge.

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  • Ordering a solution

    Ordering a solution is very simple: Just log on to OncoSHARE and select your solution(s). If you don’t have a kit, we’ll send you one.



  • Collecting

    Collect the tumour sample(s) and send the kit back to OncoDNA. There is a prepaid airway bill included in the box.

  • Processing

    Samples are received and checked by the logistics department and processed then by IPG. QC, NGS, IHC,… all lab tests are performed at this state-of-the-art facility.

  • Interpretation

    After interpretation by our expert team, an interactive report will be available for you on OncoSHARE. You can review, edit and/or share it.

  • Support

    Support is available at all time, for the patients through our Patient Care department and for oncologists by our scientific team.

About us

OncoDNA is a cancer theranostic company, using a combination of the most relevant molecular technologies to support oncologists in their patients’ treatment decisions.

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