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In OncoSHARE, both patients and oncologists are gathering to understand the multiple faces of cancers. Doctors analyse reports, share them with their peers and make the right choice about treatments.

OncoSHARE is a community where patients share their stories and where oncologists can ask questions to our experts, scientists and key opinion leaders around the world. OncoSHARE reports are comprehensive: showing which drugs are the best ones for you, which ones to avoid and which clinical trials you may be eligible for. Whether it is personal health data or payment information, we take every precaution to ensure the absolute security of your information at all times

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OncoKDM is the first personalized bioinformatic assistant that can be customized to your specific needs and your bioinformatics pipeline. It is a highly-secured platform, accessible through the web which will turn your data into useful knowledge, without investment in hardware or IT staff.

OncoKDM can integrate sequencing data from any platform with any other test performed in the laboratory. Through proprietary algorithms, OncoKDM can analyze and integrate the information to enable relevant biological and clinical interpretation. A detailed interactive report is prepared for the oncologist to guide him/her in their choice of the best therapy otpions for the patient.


Comprehensive report

Import your raw data from the lab directly into our platform. In a very short time, OncoKDM will get you back a useful and comprehensive report that you can review, validate and then transfer to the oncologist

More than just data

OncoKDM is the platform that brings together a world of information and not only makes it more accessible, but also has a real added value for the clinicians, oncologists and molecular biologists.

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