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Our first solution combining DNA and protein analyses of a solid tumor sample.

The most cost-effective solution designed to fit in your routine practice.

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See how OncoDEEP helped Christine in the treatment of her breast cancer.

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OncoDEEP Solution

OncoDEEP was the first solution developed by OncoDNA (in 2013). It profiles solid tumor samples by sequencing 313 genes linked to approved targeted therapies, combined with IHC tests to detect important proteins. The NGS panel is based on an accurate analysis of oncologists’ needs in their current practice when the choice of solutions is reduced for the patients. The panel is updated every year based on advances reported in the literature, so as to provide patients with the most economical effective solutions.


Besides sequencing analysis which has been shown to only partially reveal the identity of the tumor, we perform additional analyses giving critical and non-redundant information.  We profile tumor proteins using technologies like IHC, evaluate microsatellite instability (MSI) and Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB) to assess immunotherapy response, check for unusual and damaging splicing in mRNAs and measure methylation of gene promoters. Through this unique, integrated approach, OncoDEEP can establish a complete genetic profile of the tumor which can be used to identify response to targeted therapies and immunotherapies and also to classic chemotherapies.

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OncoDEEP is designed to be used when there are therapeutic ambiguities in adult patients with solid tumors:

  • Multiple treatment options for standard therapies
  • Standard options cannot be considered due to comorbidities
  • Standards of care have been exhausted
  • Highly aggressive cancers
  • Rare or less frequent tumors

It has recently been improved to help predict immunotherapy response.



Just send us a sample of the tumor in an FFPE block or 20 x 5 μm on Superfrost Plus™  slides .

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How much does OncoDEEP cost ?


Please inquire for country specific price information for this solution, please send an email at this address:

Reimbursement statement

Our tests are currently reimbursed in a growing number of countries. In the United Kingdom, OncoSTRAT&GO is reimbursed for patients insured by BUPA Global Insurance , using code 7331B and also many other insurers.

In Belgium the Liberal Mutuality Namur Hainaut are financing partially the test:
Mutuality patient form

In Luxemburg, The National Health Institute support the cost of OncoDEEP (Read the PRESS RELEASE)

Other countries, like Spain, Chili and  South Africa, also cover the cost of our test, either totally or partially. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

How can I get OncoDEEP?

Ordering a solution is very simple: Just log on to OncoSHARE and select your solution(s). If you don’t have a kit, we’ll send you one. After interpretation by our expert team an interactive report will be available for you on OncoSHARE. You can review, edit and/or share it.

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The case report

Alicia, 49 years old when diagnosed

Was given the OncoDEEP solution following a stage 3 lung cancer.

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