Webinar: News in Cancer Molecular Profiling - The power of combination

Webinar on January 30th 2018 at 11AM CEST

By Ana Finzel Perez & Dr. Philip Beer



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  • TOPIC #1: Precision oncology and the future of genomics, by Dr Philip Beer
    Advances in sequencing technologies have enabled the assembly of a near-complete lexicon of the genomic alterations that drive cancer. The next phase of the precision oncology project involves unlocking the utility of this information in routine clinical practice. This presentation will explore the current state-of-the art of clinical genomics in cancer, and a scan of the horizon for expanding utility over the next few years.
  • TOPIC #2: The new OncoDEEP: screening more than the usual suspects, by Ana Finzel Perez
    It has been shown that a combination of tests analysing DNA, RNA and protein changes in tumours represents the best approach for guiding treatment in advanced cancer patients.
    The new OncoDEEP sequences a total of 313 genes, compared to 75 in the original product. This new panel does not only contain more genes to increase the accuracy of the tumor mutational burden calculation, but also more genes/regions associated with sensitivity or resistance to immunotherapy.
    Moreover, the genomic information is combined with the analysis of protein expression, promoter methylation, gene translocations (such as NTRK) and unusual splicing events. Thanks to this combination of tests, the oncologist obtains information about the efficacy of chemotherapies, targeted therapies and immunotherapies for each cancer patient.

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Our speakers

Ana Finzel Perez

CURRENT POSITION: Senior Scientific Support Manager at OncoDNA
BIOGRAPHY: Earned PhD of molecular biology in 2016 at Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine and Free University of Berlin. Now works in the field of personalized medicine as senior scientific support manager at OncoDNA, the cancer theranostic company. She was a field application scientist at the same company for less than a year.


Philip Beer

CURRENT POSITION: Physician Scientist and precision oncology specialist
BIOGRAPHY: Dr Philip Beer is a physician scientist and precision oncology specialist who operates across the commercial, academic and healthcare sectors. Current projects include clinical implementation of cancer genomics, biomarker discovery and early phase clinical trials, underpinned by a portfolio of relevant academic research.